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having two feet

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The approach ensured the balance of the biped robot within safety limits.
Biped trackmakers passed before the quadrupeds because in the area where there are more sauropod tracks, bipeds (e.
3-D Biped Walking over Rough Terrain Based on the Assumption of Point-Contact.
The goal of H2R project is to demonstrate human-like gait and posture in a controlled compliant biped robot as a result of a hierarchical organization and combination of the most relevant motor control mechanisms found in humans.
Biped and Animal] the ideal man [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]], so that men [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]] would exist by participation not in man, nor in one Idea, but in two, animal and biped?
Suddenly, my "monkey feet" were the envy of other, close-toed bipeds.
Richard Scarsbrook's fun Featherless Bipeds similarly shakes up notions of what normative culture might be.
Penguins and human beings are the only two natural bipeds.
bipeds toss them and kick them, roll them and spin them, high and
Probably sooner rather than later, hosted by some unsuspecting traveller, the virus will board a plane and take off on a world tour, because the likes of easyJet aren't just for we bipeds.
In addition, they describe types of robots available as kits, such as arm robots, bipeds, hexapods, and robotic submarines, their mechanical construction and electrical control, and how to use and operate them using microcontollers or software.
It explores the fossil evidence of early bipeds and humans, the ways societies adapt through culture to their environment, and modern methods for understanding social organization and change.
Birth for us bipeds, Cassidy stresses, is no piece of cake.
He said it was a style of amplified walking, similar to that of "modern bipeds, including aquatic birds".