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having two feet

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Trajectory Generation from Motion Capture for a Planar Biped Robot in Swing Phase
This process is much different than in mobile manipulation systems, in that bipeds are underactuated systems that will fall very quickly if their feet don't regulate the walk.
The tracks are arranged in six trackways belonging to three quadrupeds and three bipeds, and there are several isolated tracks as well (Figs.
A Biomechanically Motivated Two-Phase Strategy for Biped Upright Balance Control.
Dapper Laughs, on the other hand, peddled the kind of hateful, misogy nistic uber-laddishness which could only be enjoyed by the type of less sentient bipeds who communicate chiefly by braying and stamping their hooves three times for 'yes' or glassing each other in provincial chain pubs each Friday nigh for 'no'.
This could have large economic consequences, so Merkley, caught between liberal environmentalists and timber and other agricultural interests, supports a measure that is pluperfect liberalism: Let's spend $15 million to study how birds and bipeds can coexist.
Researchers looked at the bone structure of australopiths, ape-like bipeds living four to five million years ago that predated the modern human primate family Homo.
Researchers studied the bone structure of australopiths, ape-like bipeds living four to five million years ago that pre-dated the modern human primate family Homo.
When He wakes up, there are a bunch of fleshy bipeds running all over the place, naming things and bossing everyone around.
it's the gorilla," exclaims one of them looking at the 30-year-old Filipino nurse, Reuel Ice Abellon applying the finishing touches to his transformation into Chewbacca - a 'gentle, hairy, non-English speaking' 200-year-old wookiee that's one of the fictional bipeds from the universe of Star Wars, almost seven feet tall and inhumanly strong.
Now that we know that a forward-shifted foramen magnum is characteristic of bipedal mammals generally, we can be more confident that fossil species showing this feature were also habitual bipeds," Kirk says.
So even if dolphins don't dream of interacting with us bipeds, I wonder if they swim away from every in-the-wild encounter with a grin that says, 'See, cynical humans?
Washington, May 25 ( ANI ): Archaeologists at the University of York have challenged evolutionary theories behind the development of our earliest ancestors from tree dwelling quadrupeds to upright bipeds capable of walking and scrambling.
Artificial bipeds have not reached performance comparable to human behaviour.
Social network technology has made us upright bipeds even worse about the whole blabbermouth thing.