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the bodily attribute of being bipedal

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They showed that in chimpanzees, hand-assisted bipedal posture (as opposed to bipedal locomotion) was associated with arboreal feeding on relatively stable branches > 100mm in diameter, and suggested such behaviour might have been exaptive for terrestrial bipedalism.
As those changes, we used the key features that are derived in humans, by comparison with our ancestors: the shift of the foramen magnum associated with the transition to bipedal posture, the retraction of the face, the flexion of the cranial base, and, finally, the expansion of the braincase.
The foramen magnum in humans is centrally positioned under the braincase because the head sits atop the upright spine in bipedal postures.
in apparent response to the directed-gaze of their conspecific (Owings and Coss, 2007), the other two black-tailed prairie dogs (PD2 and PD3) moved a short distance from the vegetation and assumed bipedal postures near nonmounded openings to burrows.
Chimpanzees engage in postural or supported bipedalism (tripedalism) more often than in independent walking and can move fluently between quadrupedal, tripedal and bipedal postures in complex arboreal habitats (Stanford 2006).