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a branch of biology that studies biological phenomena and observations by means of statistical analysis

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We examined the following factors: amount of protected research time, existence of a dedicated research rotation, research expectations of the program, access to a biostatistician, program funding, the existence of a structured research curriculum and the pursuit of fellowship training.
I love the opportunity to help people with data problems and to look at a different issue almost daily," says Peter Lachenbruch, a biostatistician with the Department of Public Health at Oregon State University.
When asked to report on the role of the biostatistician in a selected recent or current large or mid-sized pharmaceutical contractor, 76 percent of all CRO respondents indicated that the contracting company had a biostatistician in-house.
The survey is funded by Auckland University's research committee and the other co-investigators are Bridie Kent of the nursing division and Patrick Graham, a biostatistician with the Christchurch School of Medicine.
Applicants were encouraged to meet with a biostatistician on our staff if they did not have the requisite expertise.
Hamadain, Biostatistician & Assistant Professor, Dept of Biology, JSU
Bost, a biostatistician, will be an associate professor in the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement examining factors that affect health outcomes.
Because we had evidence that overall, the risks outweighed and outnumbered its benefits," says Ross Prentice, a biostatistician who is a co-author of the study and principal investigator of its clinical coordinating center, where data from the study's 40 centers wag collected and analyzed.
Cathy Steele, biostatistician and head investigator of the study, once those in the younger group hit age 19, unhealthier lifestyle patterns begin to emerge.
I am a mother of two sons under the age of three, and I recently resigned from a position as a biostatistician to spend more time with them.
It's going to be kind of a ground-breaking area, where a private not-for-profit picks up an enormous share of a responsibility that has typically been shouldered by public agencies,'' said Martin Atherton, a biostatistician for Blue Cross and Pew Doctoral Fellow in Health Services Research at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, who also serves as vice president of Visions for Recovery.
We're trying to help patients who are the most likely to be overdiagnosed to recognize it and not be afraid to be more conservative in their treatment," said Etzioni, a biostatistician, cancer modeler and member of the Hutch's Public Health Sciences Division.
The closer the country was to Chernobyl, the stronger the effect,' said study co-author Hagen Scherb, a biostatistician at the German Research Center for Environmental Health.
Ted Fish, Anne Courtney-Eighmy, James Cooper, Lee Gray and Travis Embry; registered nurse Lydia, Fields; and biostatistician Sean Mulvenon collaborated to design and' test a pre-hospital heart-attack treatment system for Washington Regional Medical Center.
Penenberg is a Biostatistician and Global Regulatory Affairs Professional with more than 26 years of experience in clinical trial analyses and regulatory submission auditing in the Pharmaceuticals industry.