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a branch of biology that studies biological phenomena and observations by means of statistical analysis

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As a biostatistician, I model complex relationships that exist in the natural world.
Atkinson joined PPD in 1991 as a senior biostatistician and has risen through the ranks to her current leadership role, leading a team that provides data analytics, biostatistics, programming and data management operations, as well as the medical writing, interactive voice/web response and global clinical supplies teams for PPDs clients.
The RMLs could each hire a research coordinator, and there could also be a national level office for all RMLs staffed with biostatisticians and methodologists.
We examined the following factors: amount of protected research time, existence of a dedicated research rotation, research expectations of the program, access to a biostatistician, program funding, the existence of a structured research curriculum and the pursuit of fellowship training.
These include opportunities as a clinical research associate, data manager, biostatistician, clinical quality assurance auditor, medical writer, clinical safety specialist, and conductor of regulatory affairs.
A biostatistician's toolbox should include frequentist, Bayesian and adaptive [clinical] design approaches," said Greg Maislin, principal biostatistician at Biomedical Statistical Consulting.
Scott Emerson, a biostatistician from the University of Washington, Seattle, said he could not say the benefits outweighed the risks, "because there's a lot of uncertainty in this low-risk population.
In the drug development process, a biostatistician is typically involved in early planning of an experimental study, in the preclinical (animal studies) and clinical stages (protocol design).
A working group comprising LDDC and Gluck Equine Research Center scientists, along with a College of Public Health biostatistician and two local equine practitioners, has begun a comprehensive epidemiological study in the central Kentucky region.
University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Biostatistician (half-time), 1986-present.
The survey is funded by Auckland University's research committee and the other co-investigators are Bridie Kent of the nursing division and Patrick Graham, a biostatistician with the Christchurch School of Medicine.
Applicants were encouraged to meet with a biostatistician on our staff if they did not have the requisite expertise.
Hamadain, Biostatistician & Assistant Professor, Dept of Biology, JSU
Bost, a biostatistician, will be an associate professor in the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement examining factors that affect health outcomes.