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Bruker BioSciences Corporation in Billerica, Massachusetts is the parent company of Bruker AXS Inc.
For example, the expanded program enables ABgene, a unit of Fisher Biosciences and a licensee under the original program since 1994, to offer optimized reagents and kits for a wide range of PCR and real-time PCR instruments.
Hana Biosciences is committed to the clinical development of Ropidoxuridine in this disease," commented Greg Berk, MD, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Hana Biosciences.
Bruker Optics is headquartered in Billerica, Massachusetts, on the same campus as Bruker BioSciences, and has research and manufacturing facilities near Karlsruhe, Germany and Houston, Texas, as well as numerous sales, applications and service offices around the world.
Venkat Bhat, Vice President Product Management and Technology Transfer, EMD Biosciences.
This technology is extremely important to scientific research and drug discovery," said Leland Foster, Chief Executive Officer of Fisher Biosciences.
a privately-owned separation and purification technology company in the biosciences market that develops, manufactures and markets products and services utilized in purification of Gene-Based Drugs, where he has served as president for the past 12 years.
In December 1991, Cellex Biosciences acquired the license and signed an agreement with the University to provide financing to support research and development.
In addition to identifying general bioscience employment, both Battelle and BIO reports examine four main subsectors within the biosciences: agricultural feedstock and chemicals; drugs and pharmaceuticals; medical devices and equipment; and research, testing and medical laboratories.
Marschner-Bova, director, Investor Relations of Cellex Biosciences, 313-871-7350/
Based in Nantes, France, Vivalis has the backing of its main industrial shareholder, the Group GRIMAUD (1500 employees worldwide) and its financial investors, and has established several partnerships including SAFC Biosciences for media development and Clean Cells for quality controls.
The rising number of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies working within drug discovery and the strong emphasis on outsourcing increases MD Biosciences market potential.