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a light volatile flammable poisonous liquid alcohol

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Provides an overview of the biofuels market outside North America by fuel type including ethanol, second-generation ethanol, biodiesel, biobutanol, biomethanol, algal fuel, dimethylfuran, Fischer Tropsch, green gasoline, designer hydrocarbons and others
Amyris Inc - Archer-Daniels-Midland Company - BASF SE - Bioamber Inc - Biomethanol Chemie Nederland BV - Braskem - Cargill Inc - DSM - E I DU Pont DE Nemours & Company - Evonik Industries AG - Genomatica Inc - Metabolix, Inc - Myriant Corporation - Natureworks LLC - Novozymes A/S - OPX Biotechnologies - Solazyme Inc - Solvay - The Dow Chemical Company - UOP LLC - Verenium Corp
UTRECHT, The Netherlands, November 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The new owner of the methanol plant in Delfzijl is BioMethanol Chemie Holding (BV), a consortium of Econcern, NOM, OakInvest, Ir.
Through its subsidiary, Smithfield BioEnergy, it is beginning to convert hog waste into biomethanol and biodiesel fuel -- a business that could produce substantial supplementary revenues in the future.
PRODUCT OVERVIEW II-13 Physical and Chemical Properties II-13 Methanol Manufacturing Process II-14 Feed Purification II-14 Reforming II-14 Methanol Synthesis II-14 Methanol Purification II-14 Methods of Preparing Methanol II-14 Low Pressure Gas-Solid Phase Method II-15 Liquid Phase Synthetic Method II-15 Pasty Bed Technique II-15 Liquid Complexation Catalyzing Method II-15 Methane Oxidation Method II-15 Biomethanol Synthesis II-15 Advantages of Methanol II-16 Low Pollution II-16 Fuel Supply Options II-16 Fire Safety II-16 High Performance II-16 Cost Effective II-16 Myriad Application Areas II-16 Methanol Fuel and Chemical Uses II-17 Environmental Issues and Regulations II-18
Energy Sector - The Key Demand Driver for Biomethanol II-11