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Unlike other biomass stoves, after the corn is burned, the removal of ashes requires no chisel and hammer.
For cities in the middle of the transition--when prices have risen to the level of modern fuel substitutes, such as oil or natural gas--a greater emphasis is warranted on transition fuels such as kerosene and charcoal, and on improved biomass stoves.
Biomass stove solutions can reduce toxic emissions by 40 to 60 percent, saving lives and better protecting the environment.
Some models were run after creating indicator variables for any biomass stove, any kerosene stove, and any gas stove, combining comparable primary and secondary stove types.
Two units of peanut grinder, two units of stainless steel table, peanut roaster, and a biomass stove will be acquired by KRAM's Food Products through the Setup.
1301) compared CO exposures and urinary PAH biomarkers before and after installation of an improved biomass stove in homes of a subsample of Mexican women participating in a randomized control trial study.
OBJECTIVE: We compared CO exposures and urinary PAH biomarkers pre- and postintervention with an improved biomass stove, the Patsari stove.
All 18 participants who had reported their main cookstove as being a biomass stove were found to be correct, as were the five reporting use of a LPG stove.
Indoor pollution is mostly caused by cooking over coal, wood and biomass stoves.
The EPA, in fact, invited AES to burn one of their biomass stoves on the White House lawn during a conference as an illustration of the fuels of the future.
All energy-efficient products that qualify must be for existing homes, not new home construction, and the categories include Windows and Doors, Insulation Materials & Systems, Roofs, HVAC, Water Heaters (non-solar) and Biomass Stoves.
Eco features include biomass stoves and recycled furniture crafted from renewable sources.
Eco features include wood pellet biomass stoves, instantaneous hot water, recycled classic furniture pieces hand-crafted from renewable sources.
They also note that a federal tax credit is available until the end of 2010 for the purchase of 75-percent efficient biomass stoves.