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Synonyms for senescence

Synonyms for senescence

the organic process of growing older and showing the effects of increasing age

the property characteristic of old age


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The research conducted by scientists at the Centre for Integrated Systems Biology of Ageing and Nutrition (CISBAN) at Newcastle University.
Previous research has found shortened LTL is linked to risk for heart disease and could be an indication of chronic inflammation --a key determinant in the biology of ageing.
By giving researchers a much broader understanding of the biology of ageing, the lab is helping the Newcastle team to deliver the innovation needed to support healthy ageing.
World-renowned expert on the biology of ageing, Professor Tom Kirkwood CBE, will be joining a panel of internationally recognised experts for the 2 [sup.
Now scientists at the Cologne-based Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, have discovered that germ cell removal flips a "molecular switch" that extends the life span by using components of a "developmental clock".