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Synonyms for biotechnology

the branch of molecular biology that studies the use of microorganisms to perform specific industrial processes

the branch of engineering science in which biological science is used to study the relation between workers and their environments

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3, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The much reputed, classic Chinese company, Jinan Ruizhida Biological Technology Co.
Al-Mussallamani has been an associate professor in the AGU's biological technology program since 2009.
This is the beginning of a biological technology application in the iron and steel industry, as said by Yu Yong, the president of Tangshan Iron & Steel, which is also the first time for the company to cooperate with a foreign company on such a high level and it is expected to help increase the efficiency of resources and energy and promote new energy developments, Yu added.
The winners include: Julie Kang from Centennial College, biological technology program; Wesam Al-Baik, Durham College, chemical engineering technology; Amelia Deschamps, Durham College, environmental technology; Angella Ormsby, Durham College, food and drug technology; Melanie A.
First, we can work against the misuse of biological research and support the development of appropriate biological technology.
on biological technology, including genetically modified multi-cellular organisms, are decades old.
NASDAQ:ABAC) ("Aoxin Tianli" or the "Company"), a company focused on hog farming in China, today announced that it has entered into a strategic cooperation framework agreement (the "Framework Agreement") with Beijing Huinongfeng Biological Technology Co.
Enquiries to: China Meihua Biological Technology Plc
The two sides also stressed that education and training cooperation is a spotlighted in bilateral relations with priority given to information technology, biological technology, geology and the environment.
In this close analysis of canon and secular law, particularly as it relates to the status of illegitimate children, Lefebvre-Teillard describes the evolution of the understanding of behavior and biological technology from Roman and medieval days to the development of the civil code in the mid-1940s, considering how laws affected human reproduction, marriage, procreation, and legitimacy.
The Directors of China Meihua Biological Technology plc accept
Construction is currently underway with Xylem providing its Sanitaire[R] brand ICEAS (intermittent cycle extended aeration system) biological technology to treat wastewater in the city of Campo Grande in the Mato Grosso state of Brazil.
Companies of the soy protein isolate market profiled in this report include SOLAE (Dupont), ADM, FUJIOIL, WORLD FOOD PROCESSING, Cargill, Linyi Shansong Biological Products, Yuwang Group, Scents Holdings, GUSHEN BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY GROUP, SHANDONG SINOGLORY HEALTH FOOD, Harbin Hi-tech, PINGDINGSHAN TIANJING PLANT ALBUMEN and Henan fiber source Biological Engineering.
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