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(histology) the use of a dye to color specimens for microscopic study

the act of spotting or staining something

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DYLON'S set of three Stain Removers tackle oily, greasy stains like lipstick, and biological stains like food, drink and collar grime.
For laundry detergents and presoaks, the scientist envisions the protease taking its place along with several other enzymes including lipases, amylases, and cellulases to enhance removal of different kinds of biological stains.
The hyperspectral imaging platforms showcased on the HSI Examiner 1000 will be demonstrated to forensic scientists for the applications of questioned documents, biological stains, fingerprints and gunshot residue.
Biological stains are essential for staining tissue and biopsy specimens in diagnostic pathology.
The white paper, entitled "Hyperspectral Imaging Provides Detection and High Contrast Imaging of Biological Stains", gives reason to incorporate hyperspectral imaging as a potential solution to some challenges that exist in biological stain analysis.
OTC BB:HABE) introduces Electromolecular Propulsion (EMP) as a rapid and simple method for analyzing biological stains vital for medical science.
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