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Synonyms for species

Synonyms for species

a class that is defined by the common attribute or attributes possessed by all its members

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Here again, Wheeler gestures toward the argument that morality and affect cross biological species lines.
80) For example, the amount of populations qualifying as species could be greatly limited by applying the biological species concept or greatly increased by applying the phylogenetic species concept.
Biological species concepts through the mid-twentieth century usually included one or more criteria of speciation mechanism.
They are known by numerous terms: the morphological species concept, biological species concept, evolutionary species concept, recognition species concept, cohesion species concept, phylogenetic species concept, Greek species concept, tyological species concept, Darwin's species concept, ecological species concept, phenetic species concept, etc.
The species problem; biological species, ontology, and the metaphysics of biology.
I hope this trial provides us with useful results on how the introduction of a biological species can naturally control an environmental problem.
The major challenge is how to scale and aggregate the responses of species populations at the site level to reflect conditions of the biological community level for specific taxa or to provide assessments of large scale patterns, such as IBI (Karr 1981), biological species profiles (Simon 2003), multitaxa indices (O'Connor et al.
In the next fifty years, more than 10 percent of the earth's existing biological species will be extinct, according to a recent scientific report.
summit on sustainable development in South Africa is likely to agree on setting a target of drastically reducing by 2010 the threat to the environment of biological species on the brink of extinction, Japanese government sources said Sunday.
In the three days of informal meetings until Sunday, delegates reached a consensus on the need to establish a global fund to eradicate poverty, as well as setting a target of drastically reducing by 2010 the threat to the environment of biological species on the brink of extinction, according to Japanese sources.
Learning Under Pressure: In the natural ecosystem, biological species survive by adapting as quickly as the rate of transformation of their predators and the ecosystem.
The forces that have that have led to the loss of language, culture, knowledge, and the unprecedented loss of biological species can be attributed directly to colonialism of past and present.
Peterson states, "conservation priorities based on biodiversity considerations are sensitive to a taxonomic viewpoint" with biological species found in central areas and phylogenetic or evolutionary species along the periphery of the distribution (Peterson and Navarro-Siguenza 1999).
Ninety percent of the world's languages are spoken by fewer than 10% of the population, and they are as endangered as biological species whose stock has dwindled.