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Synonyms for rhythm

Synonyms for rhythm

the patterned, recurring alternation of contrasting elements, such as stressed and unstressed notes in music

Synonyms for rhythm

the basic rhythmic unit in a piece of music

recurring at regular intervals

an interval during which a recurring sequence of events occurs

the arrangement of spoken words alternating stressed and unstressed elements

natural family planning in which ovulation is assumed to occur 14 days before the onset of a period (the fertile period would be assumed to extend from day 10 through day 18 of her cycle)

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The relationship between bipolar disorder and biological rhythms, J Clin Psychiatry, 2014 Apr; 75(4):e323-31.
Northern Light and Northern Times: Swedish Leadership in the Foundation of Biological Rhythms Research
THIS PAPER WILL EXPLORE MICHAEL POLLAN'S THESIS in The Omnivore's Dilemma that an inadequate industrial model imposed on the biological rhythms of agriculture and a shortsighted United States government policy of direct payment corn subsidies perpetuates a non-sustainable food system that ramifies in ecological and social decline in the long term.
With this information provided through the retino-hypothalamic pathway, the SCN co-ordinates daily biological rhythms (ie.
They also found out that the disrupted sleep-wake cycle in the young mice can be reset by incorporating appropriate light environment with correct biological rhythm and difference in day and night.
The combination of melatonin and bright light is the most powerful method of resetting your biological rhythm," says Dr.
In this modern day and age is there really a justifiable reason for interrupting everybody's biological rhythm and causing aggravation to people like me who decided to live in a slightly more technologically advanced establishment?
18) The exposure to the Schumann fundamental gives a sense of well-being and serves as an external pacemaker for synchronization of biological rhythm.
During fall and winter, less light gets to the nerve centers that regulate your biological rhythm.
Louise Dye consider the menstrual cycle as a biological rhythm and shows that, although cognitive functioning does not show a monthly pattern in women, visual sensitivity (as measured by critical flicker fusion threshold) does.
The Nobel laureates, using fruit flies as a model organism, isolated a gene that controls the normal daily biological rhythm.
When you go east, you're moving forward in time and against the biological rhythm.
The human biological rhythm is tied into earth's rotation, making individuals who suffer cluster from headaches encounter unrelenting head pain.
The chronomutagenic effect of Deuterium Oxide on the period and entrainment of a biological rhythm.
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