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resources (actual and potential) supplied by nature

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The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) recognizes that countries have sovereign control of biological resources found within their territories (14).
Any pharma company or biological resource institute can confidently install Fill-It to reduce the time and costs associated with producing large cell banks or with dispensing cells for major drug discovery projects.
Located in Manassas, Virginia, ATCC operates as a not- for-profit biological resource center, providing biological materials for use under the terms of a material transfer agreement (MTA).
NYSE Alternext US:VSR) announced today that Versar is a subcontractor on the Tetra Tech Team that has been awarded a $50 million contract to perform biological resources management services for the U.
Forest Service, the Biological Resources Division of the U.
Pressure on biological resources in Cuba has been aggravated in recent years due to the degradation of ecosystems to support alternative livelihoods within many communities.
There are significant biological resources on the property, and we have expertise in the area,'' Teresa said.
The EIS will address issues such as cultural resources, biological resources, land use, visual impacts, socioeconomics, soils, geology, paleontology, noise and electromagnetic fields.
Our diverse biological resources feed and clothe us, provide us with shelter, cure what ills us, filter our air and water, and provide us with all the natural and aesthetic qualities that make Pennsylvania such a wonderful place to live, work and play.
The agreement, subject to ratification, will make a global legal framework for sturgeon fisheries and managing other aquatic biological resources of the Caspian.
Tetra Tech will provide biological resources management services in accordance with a variety of federal, state, and host nation environmental regulations.
The report cites other environmental threats, but lists action that can reduce the impact on traffic, biological resources, schools, noise and cultural resources.
Potential options are being identified to enable municipalities to increase their revenues from the environmental sector and to generate higher income for the local population from the sustainable use of biological resources.
We are concerned that migration of pollutants from the landfill will cause significant adverse impacts on the water quality and biological resources of the lagoon and watershed,'' Braunstein said.
Madagascar will also look to NPS to assist in its efforts to conserve, study and use its unique biological resources.
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