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a process occurring in living organisms

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The contract is for the purchase of the system to przyzyciowego imaging of biological processes comprising: a system for przyzyciowego imaging biological processes in fluorescence mode, luminescence, radioizotopowymi and X-ray and laser scanning confocal imaging system.
The NIEHS continues to be committed to supporting research through investigator-initiated, single-laboratory project grants that focus on the adverse effects that environmental toxicants/stressors have on cellular and biological processes.
It will focus on discoveries in therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, responses to new techniques, and the relationship between mechanics and the biological processes.
Benefits of biological processes include lower costs and environmental friendliness due to less expensive raw materials and cleaner waste disposal.
The creation of this view requires the correct modeling of underlying biological processes, in particular alternative splicing, which have been an integral part of the LEADS platform since its inception.
Brain cells require oxygen and involve complex biological processes driven by genetic codes.
Homosexual orientation (not the behavior that expresses it) is probably a 100% biological trait, owing to genes and concurrent and subsequent biological processes.
BioQ will revolutionize the state of the art to create novel sensing technologies for the broad field of life sciences research that provide unprecedented access and insight into structure and function of individual bio-molecules under physiological conditions and apply these to the observation of biological processes down to the quantum level and with atomic resolution.
Environmental exposures can also be used to simplify complex biological processes to both discover unique biological mechanisms and narrow the pathophysiologic phenotype of complex human diseases.
After the discovery of the U-235 deficit and other isotopic clues in Oklo ore, other researchers deduced what combination of geophysical and biological processes could have created the reactor.
Structures that serve as models of cell membranes are of fundamental importance in understanding such key biological processes as phospholipid self-assembly, molecular recognition and cell-protein interactions.
Biologists and other life science researchers are able to explore these annotated databases and focus in on genes of interest, helping them filter the mass of genomic and expressed information and better understand complex biological processes.
This kind of data helps life scientists to more precisely assess how changes in the amounts of key DNA or RNA sequences contribute to the development of disease or how they relate to biological processes in plant and animal cells.