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Synonyms for father

Synonyms for father

a first form from which varieties arise or imitations are made

to be the biological father of

Synonyms for father

a male parent (also used as a term of address to your father)

the founder of a family

'Father' is a term of address for priests in some churches (especially the Roman Catholic Church or the Orthodox Catholic Church)

(Christianity) any of about 70 theologians in the period from the 2nd to the 7th century whose writing established and confirmed official church doctrine

a person who holds an important or distinguished position in some organization

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God when considered as the first person in the Trinity

a person who founds or establishes some institution

the head of an organized crime family


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Make contact with your biological father but talk this through with your dad first so he doesn't feel you're trying to replace him.
In her lawsuit before the Sharjah Courts, the woman presented certificates proving her marriage to the girl's biological father and the daughter's birth certificate (born in 2010).
I had given birth form related to the child and I am biological father of the child.
Legal experts say several such cases have cropped up, sparking a debate whether the name of the biological father is mandatory in the required column.
Sharon, played by Letitia Dean, 47, has been trying to uncover the truth about her biological father in recent episodes.
In other words, the foster parents would be responsible for the girls but would have to consult with the biological father on almost every issue important to their upbringing.
His biological father tried to teach him to use the lawn mower, but he refused because his mother told him (rightfully) that it is too dangerous and he is too little.
In the Vital Statistics Act of Saskatchewan, a father is defined as, "the person who acknowledges himself to be the biological father of the child," and the mother is defined as, "the woman from whom the child is delivered.
Well-known basketball player ShaquelO'Neal once sang a song called 'Biologica lDidn't Bother'a touching song about the absence of his biological father in his life while growing up.
The truth would not have come out and the daughter would not have met her biological father but for the decency of a dying man.
Her Bahraini husband discovered he was not the biological father of their 12-year-old son after conducting three DNA tests.
A close friend of Michael Jackson wants to take a DNA test because he believes he is the biological father of the late singer's two eldest children.
99% or higher means the alleged father is the biological father.