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use of biological principles in explaining human especially social behavior

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Despite the attempts of the post-structuralist analysis of sex, gender and compulsory heterosexuality to nullify the critical role of biological determinism, the effects of such essentialist dichotomies as male and female, men and women, masculine and feminine have continued to be problematic, sustaining social inequalities and disadvantaging women and sometimes men on the basis of their biological sex (Connell, 1987; 1995).
Because "blood" is implicated equally but distinctly in both the stabilizing force of biological determinism and the fluid nature of humoral physiology, this single word both highlights and embodies the tension between these two systems of difference--one that sees flexibility as dangerous and another that acknowledges and negotiates fluidity.
The 1910 report of the Committee on a System for Recording Data Concerning Criminals (Committee A) illustrates the tendency of biological determinism to dominate members' imaginations.
Instead, I look at these deconstructive elements against the ideals of biological determinism which prevailed in the Estonian society and examine the relations between these reconstructive and deconstructive images of gender.
Pizzato firmly sides with the opponents of biological determinism that in recent years disseminated the idea of "the selfish gene" which eliminates all manifestations of free will and the possibility of undertaking any individual, conscious actions.
In so doing, we enact the dictates of biological determinism without ever considering their merit.
Who today subscribes to the crude biological determinism, the "dualisms," Oyama rails against?
Thus, summarily dismissing opposing viewpoints, he is free to roam through the past, reconstructing the history of sexualities according to a biological determinism that lays waste to historical context.
Human difference registered through race, class, and gender was largely apprehended through the prism of biological determinism, which lent scientific authority to societal racism, prejudice, and inequities.
Relating this to a pregnant woman and the church, Padovano decries a moral code that compels a woman to carry a pregnancy to term against her will, thereby making her a victim of biological determinism as well as requiring her to sacrifice her self.
In the 1970s, as a new leftist, he wrote for the first series of this publication--for reasons intellectual or otherwise he has now flipped over into a consoling biological determinism.
This theory of the human person (feminism), intended to promote prospects for equality of women through liberation from biological determinism, has in reality inspired ideologies which, for example, call into question the family, in its natural two-parent structure of mother and father, and make homosexuality and heterosexuality virtually equivalent, in a new model of polymorphous sexuality (section 1, paragraph 1).
Generations have accepted the idea of intrinsic qualities and values differentiating men and women and leading to special strengths and weaknesses in each: the authors here argue that biological determinism is bunk--and chapters draw on years of research to prove it.
Namely, it is more appropriate to speak of human natures in the plural rather than a single human nature rooted in biological determinism.
This misconception was really completely exposed when Craig Venter, the head of the private consortium that beat the public consortium in sequencing the human genome, announced that there are too few genes for this idea of biological determinism to work.
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