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use of biological principles in explaining human especially social behavior

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Those who did not choose to fit out the expeditions themselves, were permitted to sell them to the merchants; these employed the coureurs des bois, or rangers of the woods, to undertake the long voyages on shares, and thus the abuses of the old system were revived and continued.
The Canadian traders, for a long time, had troublesome competitors in the British merchants of New York, who inveigled the Indian hunters and the coureurs des bois to their posts, and traded with them on more favorable terms.
The old coureurs des bois were broken up and dispersed, or, where they could be met with, were slow to accustom themselves to the habits and manners of their British employers.
Du Bois, the present librarian of Ardis, is a lineal descendant of this revolutionary pair.
Famous warriors rode by her carriage in the Bois, or crowded her modest little box at the Opera.
I do remember the Ambassador's, and I do remember driving down the Bois in your victoria, and holding - I believe I am right
But unexamined assumptions about biological determinism, compounded by cultural ideas about masculinity, have created a situation that places men at risk for worse health outcomes from a surprisingly early age.
Considering especially the phenomenology of darkness--a subject reflecting Scott's expansion of the scope of the agrarian in generative ways--the chapter traces the ways the Macbeths seek to separate human agency from the reception of an external nature of biological determinism.
Perry is chiefly motivated, however, by an admirable concern about the ways that biological determinism can lead to injustice--and the record of the past would seem to give him plenty of material with which to work.
Here, he debunks the idea of biological determinism (also known as social Darwinism), which holds that human behavior is totally controlled by our genes, instead arguing that human behavior, while influenced by biology and genetics, is not completely biologically determined.
This argument eschews any type of genetic or biological determinism.
Biological determinism has attracted a number of criticisms, which tend to challenge the role of biology as critical or given.
Study 1 included a control condition in which no information about the biological determinism of sexuality was provided to the participants.
Some will be less comfortable with the biological determinism that occasionally animates Zmora's book.
But it is hard to see how they work their way out of their own box of biological determinism.
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