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Synonyms for bioassay

appraisal of the biological activity of a substance by testing its effect on an organism and comparing the result with some agreed standard

subject to a bio-assay

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More recently, a smartphone has been used as an optical sensor to read a signal from a capillary channel (for simple biological assays such as cell sorting) or from a lateral-flow assay (a common format for pregnancy tests).
Indeed, among the biological assays present in the Pharmacopoeia of the United Slates of America, Ninth Decennial Revision, of 1916 (pages 605-606) is a description of the assay used, in which a standard cannabis tincture is defined as producing incoordination in dogs when administered in a dose of 0.
Ying, has developed a miniaturized biological assay called the Droplet Array to perform cheaper, faster and more convenient drug screening using limited samples.
One of the emerging challenges for the NTP and the NIEHS is to use the best science to create, validate, and implement in environmental health research novel, robust, and efficient biological assays that will more effectively predict the risk of human disease and protect the health of our public.
The majority of fluorescence-based biological assays measure fluorescence intensity and the results are dependent on the number of fluorescently labeled probes that bind selectively to the cells of interest in the assay (analyte) [10].
Chromagen will develop biological assays and screen CombiChem compounds, while receiving research support and a percentage of future payments received by CombiChem upon outlicensing of drug candidates.
Although biological assays have been the cornerstone of endocrinologic measurements, the development of the radioimmunoassay (RIA) completely changed the field of endocrinology (1).
In the past, biological assays of acid rain's effects on lakes have focused largely on sport fish.
A diverse and large set of data ranging from chemistry leads to biological assays and protein sequencing will now be managed and analysed through the Dotmatics Platform.
Delivery Conditions: Ddp (According to Incoterms 2000) For: - Equipment and Furniture Specifically for the Chemical Analysis of Drinking Water for - 9 Laboratories - Equipment and Furniture for Biological Assays Specific for Drinking Water - One Laboratory; the Standstill Clause - Award Procedure Is Initiated Under the Provisions of This Clause Suspensive, Meaning That the Contract of Public Procurement Is Subject to Completion of the Financing Contract with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Direction Sop Environment (European Funds), Signing Being Made Compliance with the Provisions of Art.
The assay answers the question of bioavailability at the cellular level, and was specifically developed to assist the transition of analytical chemistry testing of natural products into biological assays in vitro and in vivo.
Microfluidic Systems was founded in 2001 and is focused on the development of microfluidic systems for automated preparation of biological assays.
The ISB researchers have applied microfluidics--the study of how fluids behave at the nano level--to successfully conduct biological assays on single cells.
Meso Scale Discovery, a division of Meso Scale Diagnostics, LLC (MSD[R]) develops and markets solutions for multiplex biological assays, including assays for biomarkers, cytokines and phosphoproteins.
validated commercial molecular biological assays for the NI, UK and ROI processors across the Agri-food sector.
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