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Synonyms for bioassay

appraisal of the biological activity of a substance by testing its effect on an organism and comparing the result with some agreed standard

subject to a bio-assay

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More recently, a smartphone has been used as an optical sensor to read a signal from a capillary channel (for simple biological assays such as cell sorting) or from a lateral-flow assay (a common format for pregnancy tests).
Indeed, among the biological assays present in the Pharmacopoeia of the United Slates of America, Ninth Decennial Revision, of 1916 (pages 605-606) is a description of the assay used, in which a standard cannabis tincture is defined as producing incoordination in dogs when administered in a dose of 0.
Ying, has developed a miniaturized biological assay called the Droplet Array to perform cheaper, faster and more convenient drug screening using limited samples.
This NIH grant will support further development of patient-specific iPS cell programming processes by NuPotential, as well as VistaGen's differentiation protocols and processes focused on the validation and use of the iPS cells for regenerative medicine applications and in clinically-relevant biological assays for small molecule drug discovery and drug rescue.
The two companies signed on 15 February 2010 an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement for NorDiag's Arrow instrument platform and sample preparation reagents to be used in connection with Hain Lifescience molecular biological assays.
This new alliance unites Philips' existing strengths in medical technology, patient monitoring and healthcare IT, including solutions aimed at helping clinicians to make more informed decisions, with bioME[umlaut]rieux's expertise in the development of biological assays and its extensive knowledge of cardiovascular and infectious disease markers.
Life science applications are supported with a wide array of preprogrammed biological assays to analyse protein and nucleic acid samples and perform cell growth measurements.
MicroFluidic Systems (MFSI), was founded in 2001 and is focused on the development of microfluidic systems for automated preparation of biological assays.
The CAP-e assay provides data that enables more complex biological assays to be more correctly interpreted.
We screened the varieties again with the biological assays.
They address methods for synthesizing new materials, dynamic cellular imaging, and biological assays.
One of the emerging challenges for the NTP and the NIEHS is to use the best science to create, validate, and implement in environmental health research novel, robust, and efficient biological assays that will more effectively predict the risk of human disease and protect the health of our public.
These screening assays are alternatives to biological assays used by regulatory agencies," Schneider says.
Aclara is a leading provider of biological assays used in drag discovery and development.
The majority of fluorescence-based biological assays measure fluorescence intensity and the results are dependent on the number of fluorescently labeled probes that bind selectively to the cells of interest in the assay (analyte) [10].
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