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any bacterium or virus or toxin that could be used in biological warfare


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January 1972 Attempted to acquire biological agents to contaminate water systems.
NEW YORK & SAN FRANCISCO -- Organized by Pharma iQ, a division of IQPC, the 6th Transportation & Transfer of Biologics & Biological Agents will be held December 6-8, 2010 at the Westin St.
Other projects involving mass spectrometry under development at the DOD include the use of MALDI-TOF MS as a detector for more accurate identification of biological agents and surface detection, TOF MS to detect aerosolized live agents under difficult environmental conditions, and a miniaturized TOF MS for agent detection without fluids.
Using bright light, standoff systems detect and identify biological agents at a distance away from the detection system, before the agents reach the system.
In more basic research, DOD-supported scientists seek to identify which proteins and genes of various biological agents are responsible for causing disease symptoms, and which might be prime targets for drugs and vaccines.
By the late 1960s, the Army had developed at least 10 different strains of biological agents.
Our SBS is able to detect known biological agents as well as genetically modified and unanticipated biological agents, which is critical in a world of evolving threats.
BioVeris Corporation announced today that the NATO Response Forces (NRF) in charge of the security operations for the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece purchased BioVeris' detection products to screen for biological agents in potential security alerts during the Games.
Thus, biological agents are potential weapons only against populations with a substantial proportion of susceptible persons.
In the near future, the department expects to spend $458,500 to purchase additional equipment and hire more staff to improve the county's ability to rapidly detect chemical or biological agents such as anthrax or plague.
The incidents in which biological agents have been used as offensive weapons of war or terrorism have been few, but the threat is nonetheless real.
The hearings followed the February release of a draft environmental impact statement (EIS) concluding that there is "no cause for concern" that dangerous biological agents might escape from the laboratory (SN: 2/14/87, p.
It is critical to have a family of nanoparticle-based neutralizers and application systems that will detect and destroy biological agents on personnel, inside aircraft or throughout buildings without disrupting sensitive components or compromising operational effectiveness.
The 4WARN Sentry has the ability to detect all aerosolized biological agents extremely rapidly, typically in less than 20 seconds.
Fielding sent an alert to all hospital emergency rooms in the county with information on symptoms of various biological agents, and on anthrax.
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