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an island in the Gulf of Guinea that is part of Equatorial Guinea

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loa transmission, Chrysops flies, are known to live on Bioko Island; the case we present suggests that local transmission of L.
Local focus groups were used to pre-test these materials and ensure they were relevant for the diverse communities on Bioko Island (Dr.
acuminata (ZMB), previously published voucher material could be studied from Cameroon (RMNH), DRC (RB1NS), Bioko 1.
When the British established a small town at the northern end of Bioko Island, Clarence City, as a key location in their fight against the slave trade, several waves of people from neighbouring regions had arrived and peopled the island over a long period of time (Vansina 1990; Molino 1993).
Estas diciendo que la cultura esta desapareciendo porque se mezcla, pero por otro lado tienes la isla de Bioko, que siempre fue un cruce de caminos para muchas culturas, ?
2] divided into two regions: the continental mainland, Rio Muni with 26017 km2 and the "Island region", which comprises Bioko (formerly Fernando Poo), of 2017 [km.
africana en Guinea Ecuatorial, a partir de una cartografia actualizada de la vegetacion de la isla de Bioko (Clemente et al.
Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program (BBPP), a jointly administered program with the Universidad Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial (UNGE), have steered conservation efforts to protect this primate and others.
albopictus en Africa se realizaron en Camerun en 1999 [11] y en las islas Bioko (Guinea Ecuatorial) en el 2001 [12].
Bioko Island is volcanic, with three major peaks of 9,876 feet, 7,416 feet, and 6,885 feet.
SOFITEL Luxury Hotels is opening its second resort in Equatorial Guinea, on Bioko Island in Africa.
It comprises two parts: a Continental Region (Rio Muni), including several small offshore islands like Corisco, Elobey Grande and Elobey Chico, and an insular region containing Annobon island and Bioko island (formerly Fernando Po) where the capital Malabo is situated.
They also nest in Bioko, West Africa between November and March (Castroviejo et al.
The simian immunodeficiency virus, or SIV, is at least 32,000 to 75,000 years old, and likely much older, according to a genetic analysis of unique SIV strains found in monkeys on Bioko Island, a former peninsula.
Parts of the territories of both countries are located in the Bight of Biafra, an arm of the Atlantic Ocean, and the southernmost part of Nigeria in the Niger Delta area is only a little over a hundred kilometers to Malabo, the capital of Equatorial Guinea, located on Bioko Island.