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the branch of medical science that deals with diseases and problems specific to old people

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In this paper, we concentrate on three lessons that biogerontologists are already learning, long before the arrival of any actual anti-aging interventions: (l) the dangers of premature commercial exploitation of scientific goals; (2) the challenge of philosophical pluralism within medicine; and (3) the virtues of open deliberations that anticipate, rather than react to, the social repercussions of new medical capabilities.
But as biogerontologist Leonard Hayflick has asked, should such a technology be made available to all--even murderers?
de Grey may be the most well-known biogerontologist in the world.
This has enabled the team of biogerontologists and data scientists, who believe that in the nearest future, machines will be able to get a lot of vital medical information about people's health by just processing their photos, to develop a set of algorithms that can accurately evaluate the criteria linked to perception of human beauty and health where it is most important - the human face.
Conversely, the focus of biogerontology on comparative analysis, with the aim of eventually developing interventions that slow aging rather than repairing it, has not induced biogerontologists to maintain a thorough understanding of the rate of progress in regenerative medicine.
Proceedings of a conference held in Aarhus, Denmark, in August 2005, bringing together biogerontologists, bioethicists, researchers, students, clinicians, dietitians, and social gerontologists from around the globe.
On the other hand, biogerontologists, working away in their laboratories, are reporting some initial successes in the fight against aging.
The NIH has been encouraging biogerontologists (biologists who study fundamental mechanisms of aging) to make substantial advances against aging through three models of intervention.