genetic engineering

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the technology of preparing recombinant DNA in vitro by cutting up DNA molecules and splicing together fragments from more than one organism

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By the time that a technical system such as, for example, biogenetics has been developed in the sub-political dark sphere and has started to promise financial profit, it is already too late to discuss its ethical implications and consequences.
Link to current news about Biogenetics, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, and Emerging Technologies
Indeed, West Central's Stroburg noted that the cooperative has a 20person internship program that includes exposure to the new field of biogenetics.
will not receive a 1099 from BioGenetics Corporation because we are
Challenging the Central Dogma of biogenetics (causation only travels from the genes to the rest of the organism), some current work explores epigenetic (chemical and hormonal) and psychological influences on heredity, arguing that some causal influences work downward from higher functions to the lower levels, thereby 1) challenging the neo-Darwinian tenet that all genes changes are random with regard to fitness, and 2) opening the door to the emergence of final causation from within nature itself.
25 August 2011 - Cellectis Bioresearch, a commercial subsidiary of French genome engineering group Cellectis (EPA:ALCLS) announced yesterday that it has signed a licence agreement with US-based biogenetics specialist Recombinetics to create transgenic large livestock.
a biogenetics company dedicated to producing modified corn and soybean seeds, is set to open a research & development (R&D) laboratory with the help of government allocations of $600,000 for infrastructure and $400,000 for training.
Recently, however, some have found a 1943 lecture series of his published the following year sets out the mathematical basis for biogenetics including the very notion of the genetic code.
Perhaps the most important aspect of the intrusion of modern science and technology into the very fabric of human existence is visible in recent developments in biogenetics and reproductive technologies.
The first essays in each category speak from philosophical and essentialist perspectives of nature and maintain negative views regarding the advancement of technology and biogenetics.
This year the company celebrates two decades in partnership with Italian distributor, Biogenetics (Ponte San Nicolo - Padova - Italy).
Suma 48 centros de investigacion y 82 empresas con habilidades nano de acuerdo al Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnologia de ese pais, ya apunta firmas como Laboratorios Biosintetica; Excellion Servicios Biomedicos; Biocancer o Biogenetics dentro de un peloton de 20 empresas que trabajan en los campos biotecnologicos y salud, destacandose en la lucha contra las endemias regionales y aplicaciones oncologicas.
We believe we have all the requirements to become a major force in the low carbon future - as well as biogenetics, digital technologies and other new industries - and we hope the Government shares our enthusiasm.
Finance and biocapitalism also employs similar methods and works off the same systems architectures: where the former is based on sophisticated mathematical modelling and search algorithms, the latter makes 'nature' and biogenetics central to the production process.