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a farm of grapevines where wine grapes are produced


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org), "almost all biodynamic vineyards are in California and Oregon.
The business was formed in 2005 and the Ancre Hill Estates vineyard is one of only two biodynamic vineyards in the UK, with only approximately 200 worldwide.
Below, the Rhne Valley from the hill of Hermitage SUPERB SELECTION Some of Chapoutier''s priceless biodynamic vineyards on the hill of Hermitage
With such an abundance of grasses, flowers, and trees amongst the vines, biodynamic vineyards don't resemble the monotone, cropped look of their fertilizer-fed peers.
Those winemakers who are successful usually limit themselves to one or two biodynamic vineyards to earn the prized "Biodynamic" registered trademark awarded by Demeter.
In addition to the solar project, Grgich Hills owns the largest biodynamic vineyards in the United States -- all 366 acres in Napa are biodynamically farmed.