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the level of safety from exposure to infectious agents

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An optional biosafety lid for the rotor facilitates biocontainment.
They add India's many scientists and numerous biological and pharmaceutical production facilities, as well as biocontainment facilities for research on dangerous pathogens, mean "at least some of these facilities are being used to support biological warfare defensive research.
Meanwhile, confined to windowless quarters and attended by caretakers in biocontainment ``spacesuits,'' the chimps spent year after year living under conditions that were only supposed to last two or three years.
The doctors, who were working at least as hard on news containment as they were on biocontainment, were considerably less sanguine about the Prospects of averting a deadly epidemic than they let on.
The free-range meat paradox: the conflict between free-range poultry production systems and biocontainment of zoonotic disease
Additionally the company has developed many new biocontainment technologies.
Contract notice: Supply procurement and installation of a computer system management and control of equipment and parameters biosafety and biocontainment services ncb3 cisa, cofinanced with feder funds.
OMAHA, Nebraska, Rabi'I 13, 1436, January 04, 2015, SPA -- Nebraska medical officials say an American health care provider who had high-risk exposure to the Ebola virus while working in Sierra Leone will be observed at a biocontainment unit in Omaha, AP reported.
The current biocontainment centers at Nebraska and Emory perform all laboratory work on Ebola patients separately from all other patients at their facilities,'' he said.
Because no live viruses are used in their manufacture, VLP vaccines do not need to be produced under high-level biocontainment conditions.
The laboratory has third level of biocontainment, corresponds to European standards, and it will assist to exclude possible infection of laboratory workers.
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Directors of most North American BSL-4 laboratories met and agreed upon a framework for leadership and training of biocontainment research and operations staff.
The bill would make biocontainment laboratories and other specialized research facilities available to the government in case of a bioterrorism emergency.
He offers Cox's group his biocontainment facility until a CDC facility can be made available.