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Overall, the protein-splicing ability of inteins has opened a new world of possibilities for biochemists trying to synthesize molecules.
1983 To speed up the process of reproducing tiny bits of DNA, biochemist Kary Mullis develops a technique called polymerase chain reaction.
I began my training as a clinical biochemist in Coventry while also studying for a PhD at the University of Birmingham, England.
The other new anti-Darwin champion is Lehigh University biochemist Michael Behe.
We were young, idealistic and we were going to change the world," said Joe Bumgarner, a former Mouse House biochemist who now works for the EPA in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
To the skeptical eye of Shapiro, a biochemist at New York University, those explanations that have been offered look more like mythology than like science.
Now, an international team of biochemists and structural biologists has uncovered the active elements that allow one of the most important enzymes to convert a saturated fat into an unsaturated one.
Odyssey's unique utilization of microwave energy results in significantly increased reaction rates and product purity, overcoming chain aggregation and giving biochemists the unprecedented ability to synthesize peptides that were previously inaccessible by conventional synthetic methods.
So far, biologists and biochemists have done much of the work in describing self-assembly, says Whitesides.
ScheBo Biotech is a rapidly growing high-tech company founded in 1988 by biochemists and molecular biologists to develop, produce, and distribute new diagnostic tests.
com offers an array of top-of-the-line products by Applied Biochemists, Coral Seas, GLB Rendezvous, Jacks Magic, LeisureTime, Natural Chemistry, Nature2, OMNI, Robarb, SUN, Sea Klear, and United Chemical.
Miller, both biochemists at the University of California, San Diego, have found a way around this obstacle.
Russia's leading chemists, biologists and biochemists now have a greater opportunity to participate in a revolutionary approach to R&D," said Darren Carroll, chief executive officer of InnoCentive.
By bringing together chemists, biochemists and microbiologists, we will promote intellectual cross-pollination through a truly dynamic research and development environment," Wetherbee said.