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Rule-based systems give rise to systems of differential equations that describe the evolution of the biochemical systems modelled, but which are too complex to solve with current state-of-the art algorithms.
From the late 1960's, the need for description of organizationally complex systems led Michael Savageau and co-workers to built a powerful framework known as Biochemical Systems Theory (BST), for systems-analysis of biochemical processes ([1] to [6]) that offers an efficient mathematical procedure for the sensitivity analysis of given system.
Music affects people emotionally, intellectually and at a deep psychological level, as a result of biochemical systems in the body that originally evolved to make us emotionally responsive to the cries of our infants," the Telegraph quoted Dr David Lewis Hodgson as saying.
They consider materials, instruments, experimental and computational methods, theoretical matters and results, biochemical systems of the neural network type, experimental results of the basic system, and theoretical concerns and results for the extended basic system.
Whether for the clotting cascade, sex determination pathways, or any of a number of other complex biochemical systems, evolutionary biologists are able to devise plausible methods for how such systems evolved.
Industrial biotechnology involves working with nature to optimize existing biochemical systems -- that can replace traditional chemical processes in manufacturing.
Chemists at MIT have now assembled a rudimentary molecular machine of this sort, and they say it could serve as a model for probing the origins of the self-replicating biochemical systems inside cells.
assembles 13 chapters by researchers from the US and Europe who discuss the characterization of peptides and their applications for the study of biochemical systems.
Simple chemical oscillators are of interest because they provide insight into biochemical systems that regulate the heartbeat and other periodic biological processes.