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More than 200 people are employed in BioChem Pharma's vaccine division, with its manufacturing facility in Laval, development laboratories outside Boston, and a new development and manufacturing plant in Qu[acute{e}]ebec City.
In the study, VitamFero will evaluate Sirona Biochem s synthetic preservation technology to optimize VitamFero s biopharmaceutical formulation and storage of its vaccines.
provided that the BioChem shareholder is a Canadian resident, a number
GL Biochem has demonstrated outstanding revenue and income growth over the last ten years and is now the clear global leader in the research-grade peptide market.
All BioChem securityholders who have not already made their election by delivering their letters of transmittal and election forms (together with the relevant share certificates) to General Trust of Canada ("GTC") must provide such documents to GTC by the election deadline of 4:00 p.
The Directors of both Shire and BioChem continue to believe the merits
Enzo Biochem and its subsidiaries (the Company) are engaged in the research, development and manufacture of innovative health care products based on molecular biology and genetic engineering techniques, and in providing diagnostic services to the medical community.
L) announces a decision in favour of BioChem Pharma Inc in the patent dispute between BioChem and Emory University relating to 3TC(R)/Epivir(R) (lamivudine).
As specified in the Notice of Intention, which BioChem mailed to each registered shareholder of CliniChem, the cash purchase price of CAN$18.
Under the distribution agreement, Vita will promote, market, and sell Cortex Biochem MagaZorb(R) Nucleic Acid Isolation Kits and associated reagents, and Cortex Magnetic Separation and Immunoreagent products, in Japan.
Admetric BioChem to provide 'ADMET' profile information on up to 125 compounds
The particles used in this magnetic particle technology are manufactured by Cortex Biochem Inc.
Based on the success of development, BioChem may pay Adherex a total of up to U.
Nasdaq: IMGN) today announced that 4,030,000 shares of the 4,096,098 shares of its common stock held by Shire BioChem Inc.