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a biochemical catalyst such as an enzyme

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The use of Viscozyme L as biocatalyst resulted in the lowest yield of carbohydrate extract, at 30.
Biocatalysts are a types of enzymes that play an instrumental role in transformation of chemical compounds.
Biocatalysts manufacture enzymes that play an important role in the extraction of yeast.
The first step in the new process involves Biocatalysts Ltd producing this enzyme on a commercial scale.
In this example we need to make sure that the fatty acid starting materials would be a perfect match for the biocatalysts that we discovered and developed in our laboratories," he added.
Biocatalysts are unsurpassable when it comes to selectivity and distinguishing between subtle differences within a molecule.
Their topics include functional metagenomics as a technique for the discovery of novel enzymes and natural products, principles of enzyme optimization for the rapid creation of industrial biocatalysts, enzyme catalysis in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients, enzymatic processes for producing pharmaceutical intermediates, drug discovery and development by combinatorial biosynthesis, and pathway and enzyme engineering and applications for glycodiversification.
Enzymes are highly efficient biocatalysts that are essential for metabolism.
1 October 2010 - Welsh food enzyme manufacturer Biocatalysts Limited has announced plans to increase its turnover by GBP 6 million and hire an extra 25 staff in the next 5 years.
today announced an expanded agreement to develop better biocatalysts that could accelerate commercialization of next-generation biofuels.
FROM Eden to Wilton, a look at the lab-based research into naturally occurring enzymes that trigger biological processes, known as biocatalysts, essential to a wide range of manufacturing processes.
One of the principal speakers, John Regalbuto, director of the catalysis and biocatalysts engineering program of the National Science Foundation, discussed growing demand for renewable fuels in the United States.
2 billion in 2010, bolstered by strong gains in important markets such as animal feed, biocatalysts, pharmaceuticals and starch processing.
Upto 85% phenol was polymerized using the fabricated biocatalysts under the optimized conditions.