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plant materials and animal waste used as fuel

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the total mass of living matter in a given unit area

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oIAEd have to be convinced that giving grants for growing bio-mass in Wales would be good value for money given that our competitors are in a good position to do it.
The problem we have is we are fine for wind, but we are not there for bio-mass yet, or for photovoltaic, or for wave and tidal.
Micro wind, hydro-electric and solar power plants can generate electricity, and solar thermal, geo-thermal, and bio-mass boilers can generate heat cheaply for virtually any building of any age - including farm buildings.
AlgoDyne's technology provides a powerful means to produce clean, renewable energy from the continual harvest of bio-mass from Photo-Bioreactors.
At the moment, TNB is embarking on the Jengka bio-mass project and two other projects with Sime Darby," he said, adding TNB's focus on RE is in line with the government's aspiration to increase RE contribution to overall generation to 5% by 2020 from less than 1% currently.
Carbon emissions need to be brought down immediately to fight climate change, but this can be achieved world-wide by promotion of energy efficiency measures and the harnessing of renewables such as solar, tidal, wave-power, hydro, bio-mass and on-shore and off-shore wind.
I believe Arkansas is in an excellent position geographically and contains the necessary bio-base to support bio-mass energy projects," he said.
Invitation to tender: boiler room with the boiler is set and the storage tank hot water volume 5000 liters, which would compensate for peak heat demand and reduce the inertia of the facility of bio-mass.
01% of toxic emissions and when Government bases energy reliance on the nuclear option instead of the proven reliability of tidal, bio-mass or Tower Colliery-led clean-coal technology, I for one will be knocking on the door of the 'real Nimbys,' those in the environmental lobby.
The Indigenous Summit topics include discussions on advancements in solar, wind, bio-mass and hydrogen and the economics of green programs in the world.
KTIS runs a combined sugar business comprised of three sugar mills, a pulp and paper plant, an ethanol facility, a bio-mass power plant and a fertiliser factory.
As well as visiting Cener and Cenifer, the delegation had the opportunity to tour a number of renewable energy installations across the region, including a bio-diesel facility at Caparroso and a straw combustion bio-mass plant at Sanguesa.
6MW landfill gas powered generating station located in Illinois and partnership, share and debt interests in three bio-mass fired generating facilities with combined installed capacity of approximately 70MW located in Alberta, Quebec and Nova Scotia.
As part of the Monday declared memorandum of understanding (MoU), the giant aircraft maker will forge partnership with numerous organizations of Malaysia in order to evaluate local solutions for bio-mass production in this part of Asia.
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