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procedures involved in taking defensive measures against attacks using biological agents

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Neglect of vital public health research as a tradeoff for enhanced bio-defense research;
Among the companies that manufacture PCR systems for bio-defense applications are Applied Biosystems, Cepheid, Idaho Technology, Ibis Technologies and Smiths Detection.
9) Although the National Institutes of Health (NIH) bio-defense budget surged from a few hundred million dollars in 2002 to $1.
The application of real-time PCR is vast in the field of: Life science industry, healthcare, diagnostics, forensics, agriculture, veterinary, air, water safety, point of care in physician offices, clinics, local labs and bio-defense.
The North Carolina Biotechnology Center is making an investment of $1 million in its spending plan in bio-defense and agricultural projects.
A group of local activists are opposing Lawrence Livermore Laboratory's attempts to win a bid on a Department of Homeland Security bio-defense facility.
Our October DISARM Update features the multi-billion dollar bio-defense program launched by the United States after it torpedoed the Bio-weapons Treaty Inspection Protocol.
Besides being the largest contract in our company's history, this new project demonstrates the recognition of our competencies and puts AIBioTech in league with the very best bio-defense contractors in the country.
Advanced technologies under development include energetic materials, batteries, divert attitude control systems, projectile dynamics, advanced data processing, and protein manufacturing for bio-defense applications.
in bio-defense from George Mason University, in Fairfax, Va.
It is used in the life science industry, healthcare, diagnostics, forensics, food, feed, agriculture, air, water safety, point of care in physician offices, clinics, local labs and bio-defense.
We ve seen an uptick in all sectors of our business including bio-defense.
The study recommends a more stable and coordinated platform for bio-defense funding.
Based in London, the new BioTrove division will serve European clients directly, providing expert support to existing customers and facilitating new partnerships with academic, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical organizations in life science fields including agriculture, oncology and disease research, bio-defense, drug discovery and public health.
The first step in creating a national bio-defense "campus" for civilian and military researchers is underway at Fort Detrick, Md.