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The articles published in this Journal cover all areas of research in Bio-Chemistry and Bio-Physics.
Innovation in functional food industry is a risky undertaking because of the recent bio-chemistry advancements that rapidly brought a large number of food improvements and technological variants, This study investigates which functional food concept could have the highest economic/business potential in order to successfully develop new marketable consumer products.
The Algerian-born sisters set up home together after Sabrina gained a place at Birmingham University, where her sister was studying bio-chemistry.
He studied zoology, bio-chemistry and geology at Aberystwyth University before specialising in microscopic electonics.
The successful bio-chemistry students were in the second year of a three-year Master's degree in France.
in Bio-chemistry from Adelphi College, Long Island, N.
I walked into my interview and practically said, 'Hey, I don't know anything about finance, but if I can do this bio-chemistry stuff, I think I can work as hard as anyone.
She indicated that you refer to the National Academy of Clinical Bio-chemistry Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines for point-of-care testing.
Job, a bio-chemistry student at Cardiff University, gave a breath sample showing 63mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath, the legal limit being 35mg.
PETE CANNING, 22, drummer, backing vocals, lives at Warwick University halls of residence, is studying bio-chemistry.
The presence of the school will probably boost undergraduate enrolment at the universities, if only because grads of Laurentian's or Lakehead's bio-chemistry or other pre-medical programs know they have a better chance at admission to NOSM.
My co-presenter had a pharmacology degree and I have my bio-chemistry degree so it was time to get the brains on again.
Analytical, organic chemistry and bio-chemistry may be, of course, difficult to some.
William Lands, who studies the bio-chemistry of atherosclerosis at the University of Illinois at Chicago, calls the findings "very interesting.
He graduated with a bachelor of science in Bio-Chemistry from the University of Madras (India) and earned his MBA in Marketing from the International Management Institute (India) as well as a master's in International Business and International Affairs from Columbia University in New York.