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safety from exposure to infectious agents

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Once completed, the Allegheny County lab will serve as a "backup" to the current State Health Laboratory in Lionville, Chester County, which is a certified Bio-Safety Level 3 (BSL-3) lab equipped to conduct secure testing of biohazardous materials.
The new unit, located in University Tower, is on the same campus as the state's Bio-safety Level-3 laboratory.
The new facility, the largest in the world dedicated to human health, is open and bright, extremely flexible and contains the highest-level bio-safety laboratories in the world.
The dealing and treatment of the infected patients must be kept under the firm surveillance in order to ensure the adequate bio-safety practices.
Development of this bio-safety needle will present a profound opportunity to significantly reduce both the risks of needle-stick injuries and simultaneously reduce costs and improve efficiency in hypodermic administration activities.
CapitaBio is a leading life science Company that develops and commercializes a broad range of products, including Biochip technology products, for drug discovery research, genomics, proteomics, bio-safety testing and clinical applications.
The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today gave its approval for ratifying the Nagoya-KualaLumpur supplementary protocol on liability and redress to the Cartagena protocol on bio-safety by India.
The cases of 15 candidate BT Cotton varieties for approval were postponed in next meeting of Punjab Seed Council after resolving issue of commercialization license for BT cotton varieties from National Bio-safety Committee (NBC).
Amedica's technology platforms offer unprecedented strength, durability and bio-safety characteristics.
The Click IACUC Extranet is currently in use by five institutions to manage animal research compliance requirements, and provides access to pre-award grants, bio-safety committees, and conflict of interest reporting applications.
Continued postponement in the passage of the Bio-safety Bill by federal lawmakers is keeping the nation from benefitting from the genetic materials market worth more than $500 billion.
This technology platform offers unprecedented strength, durability and bio-safety characteristics.
The joint venture expects to continue its development work, which will include producing GMP grade product to be used in bio-safety and toxicology studies, and clinical evaluation of efficacy at a pilot level.
These views were expressed by the speakers in the One day Bio-safety Training Workshop for Young Scientists organized by Department of Bio Chemistry,University of Karachi.
Tenders are invited for Supply and Installation of Bio-Safety Cabinet for CEPS.