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Synonyms for biostatistics

a branch of biology that studies biological phenomena and observations by means of statistical analysis

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Industries like pharmaceuticals, bio informatics, aeronautical engineering will also benefit.
It also discussed pattern recognition and soft computing in sessions devoted to artificial neural networks, fuzzy sets, support vector machines and clustering, data mining and soft computing, bio informatics, classification and prediction, and application in image analysis.
AlphaGene also employs specialized assays and sophisticated bio informatics to aid in the identification of critical disease-specific targets.
This exciting partnership with Fluidigm will provide the scientific communities in Israel with powerful genomic tools backed by outstanding support," noted Amos Grundwag, Manager of the Genomics and Bio Informatics lines at Eisenberg Brothers.
BANGALORE, India -- On the second day of the conference at Bangalore Bio 2007, experts from Bio Informatics field said that IP is going be a key factor for companies to succeed.