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Synonyms for biotechnology

the branch of molecular biology that studies the use of microorganisms to perform specific industrial processes

the branch of engineering science in which biological science is used to study the relation between workers and their environments

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Healthcare and Life Sciences Supply Chain Summit, June 29-30, Chicago, joins supply chain and logistics executives from across the healthcare industry--pharmaceuticals, medical devices, bio sciences, hospitals--for two days of in-depth learning.
California ( a state at the cutting edge of technology in America ( has broken ranks with a decision to spend pounds 170m a year for the next decade on bio sciences.
The decision by PowderJect to spend pounds 85m at its Speke plant brings the investment announced in the past six months in Merseyside's emerging bio sciences sector to pounds 200m.
By simplifying the deployment and management of clusters, Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 bridges the gap between traditional research-driven HPC applications and the growing demands of commercial industries such as finance, oil and gas, bio sciences, and manufacturing.
An official of IIUI told that the training is for teaching, research, analysis and development in the field of Nuclear Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Management, Chemical & Bio Sciences, Nano Technology and other related areas.