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Synonyms for binomial

(mathematics) a quantity expressed as a sum or difference of two terms

having or characterized by two names, especially those of genus and species in taxonomies


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We demonstrate that some words display "first position" phonology and would be well formed in the first position of a binomial pair, whereas, others display "second position" phonology and would be well formed in the second position of a binomial pair.
Binomial pairs involve set phrases such as "bread and butter" or "tables and chairs," where one ordering of the elements is preferred to the opposite ordering.
Thus, the question still remains: to what extent does phonology determine the orderings in binomial pairs?
For many years, some plant virologists have been using an unofficial binomial system for referring to virus species (as well as to viruses).
Such a binomial system for species names would also have the advantage of clearly distinguishing between the species name written in italics (Measles morbillivirus) and the common, nonitalicized virus name, measles virus.
On the relative merits of italics, Latin and binomial nomenclature in virus taxonomy.
and "the information about genus membership that is lost if Linnaean binomials are abandoned is easily replaced by citing a clade address" (Cantino et al.
Most of this fear of species names being unstable derives from two situations: 1) A species is moved, so the genus part of the binomial changes (more on this later); and/or 2) When it is moved, there is already a species by the same name in the genus to which it is heing transferred--a relatively rare and unimportant situation.
The clade address-clearly a reinvention of the binomial or, even worse, the polynomial.
The next two subsections describe two members of this class, the Poisson-Bernoulli distribution and the negative binomial distribution.
j] is a binomial mixture of Poissons or a Poisson-binomial distribution (Johnson and Kotz 1969).
j] can be referred to as a gamma mixture of Poissons, but it is more commonly called a negative binomial distribution (Johnson and Kotz 1969).
kxn], we obtain the following corollary that will be a key step in connecting the poset binomial coefficients to supercharacters.
The conditional distribution is binomial with a probability mass function
ij]), or a binomial over-dispersion parameter, Var([R.