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a theorem giving the expansion of a binomial raised to a given power

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3) and binomial expansion, the explicit expression for the joint moment generating of lgos X*(r, n, m, k) and X*(s, n, m, k) 1 [less than or equal to] r < s [less than or equal to] n, can be obtained when m [not equal to] -1 as
To answer the binomial expansion examination question "Find the [x.
The binomial expansion is utilized to predict the probability of certain combinations of events when there are several different ways in which the set of events can occur.
Two anonymous questionnaires (see Figure 1 for some questions from the second) were constructed using concepts we identified as important in developing a structural understanding of binomial expansion and factorisation, such as testing the concept of a factor and the ability to apply a procedure in reverse.
The Hardy-Weinberg Principle predicts these frequencies using a binomial expansion.
The binomial theorem is now used to expand certain factors, bearing in mind that in order for the sums on I to converge, we need to remove the terms of the binomial expansion where i = 0 or i = 1 and treat them separately.
Similar questions have made regular subsequent appearances in trial examinations around NSW and many texts now devote whole chapters to the subtle and somewhat laborious process of establishing the largest coefficient in a binomial expansion.
Then, students are given four or five notebooks, written on various topics such as patterns on binomial expansions and series approximations.