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a member of a west African people living in the tropical forest region of southern Nigeria

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the capital and largest city of Japan

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Speaking on behalf of the Ijaw-Apoi Traditional Council under the paramountcy of the Kalasuwe, Oba of the Ijaw confederation and other traditional rulers, representing the Ijaw-Apoi confederation in Sabomi, the Toboidoi of lgbekebo, High Chief Segun Dabo, said the ancient Okomu-Apoi is an autochthonous kingdom of immemorial existence as part of the Ijaw Niger Delta ethnic nationality and not subject or subordinate to any other traditional authority including the Bini kingdom
This is irresponsible and uncalled for step which should be resisted,' said Sheikh Bini.
Bini works with stitched and adapted papers, creating craft textiles using found and recycled materials.
Keywords: Women status, trafficking, international transactional sex, Bini Women, Nigeria
Vacationers looking for tropical activities and a relaxing getaway will find it through Curacao Bon Bini Rentals.
Mr Bini Smaghi, who is a former European Central Bank director, told RTE's This Week it would be "silly to blow everything up" when Ireland is "so close" to returning to the markets.
Sarkozy had made removing Bini Smaghi from the board a condition of his support for Draghi's ECB candidacy, which was key to convincing German Chancellor Angela Merkel to back the Italian for the top ECB post.
Bini Smaghi echoed critical comments by fellow ECB policymaker Jens Weidmann after the ECB relented on its opposition to a temporary Greek default, giving an emergency summit of euro zone leaders leeway to agree a second bailout for the debt-chocked country.
Amid concern that any hesitation on Draghi would further spook markets already on high alert over the Greek debt crisis, Bini Smaghi offered to leave his post by the end of the year, EU sources in Brussels said, as cited by DPA.
European banks have enjoyed higher trading income, largely due to the low interest rates, according to Bini Smaghi.
Bini Jones, from Pengwern Cymunedol, said: "The place was the heart of the community and when it went it left a huge gap.
TRENTO, Italy: Euro zone inflation should gradually decrease barring any unexpected rise in oil prices, European Central Bank (ECB) executive board member Lorenzo Bini Smaghi said yesterday.
Brother and sister bunnies Bam and Bini and carrot-loving Tip Top are amoung the cuties looking for families.
Artwork on display includes watercolor and oil pastel paintings, hunting weapons, a Bini woman figurine, a walking cane, jewelry and gourds.
As Daniela Bini points out in her Preface and Acknowledgments, this book is the culmination of several years of research and reflection on Pirandello's artistic treatment of women.