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French psychologist remembered for his studies of the intellectual development of children (1857-1911)


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Binet comments on the "fictionality and/or constructedness of his narrative" (Neumann and Nunning 204), in this instance, on the relations between the story he is telling and the historical record: "If my dialogues can't be based on precise, faithful, word-perfect sources, they will be invented" (21); "That scene, like the one before it, is perfectly believable and totally made up.
Binet belongs to a group of artists for whom it is neither banal nor retrograde to manipulate and prepare a canvas the old-fashioned way.
Patients in late stages (Rai Stages III and IV or Binet Stage C), those with lymphadenopathy and/or splenomegaly producing mass effect, and patients with systemic symptoms were treated at once.
Binet to conclude that, "because of the way [snowboarders] are moving and the forces that occur when they fall on the snow, there is substantially more hyperflexion in the dorsal direction.
In 1905, Binet began administering the scale to Parisian schoolchildren.
Unlike Binet, Piaget came to believe that the key to understanding children's cognitive development was not which questions children got wrong, but how they got them wrong.
By assimilating the discoveries of prominent contributors on the subjects of trauma, hysteria, repression, and mesmerism - William James and Alfred Binet directly, Janet and Freud indirectly - Hopkins invites this speculation.
La sua maestria nel gestire le fonti e correlarle per approdare a nuovi esiti interpretativi si nota pure nei tre saggi conclusivi: Binet tra Fogazzaro e Pirandello, In margine alla risposta del riscatto di Arturo Graf e Pascoli prosatore e il mito della macchina.
The author, who is Associate Professor of Education at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, examines every significant figure involved in special education, including Ponce de Leon, Bonet, Diderot, Tuke, Gallaudet, Bell, Howe, Snellen, Jackson, Montessori, Binet, Watson, Dewey, Kirk, and Dunn.
Old Alfred Binet himself was afraid these outbursts would happen.
French psychologist Alfred Binet devised the first intelligence test in 1905 to help Parisian educators identify students with learning problems.
Also, the 83 children ranged from 120 to 168 IQ, including 4 children scoring at the ceiling for the WISC-R or Stanford Binet norm tables.
Binet has been appointed Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors.