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an oblong metal ring with a spring clip

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They called me, to tell me that the rescue mission was over," The Telegraph quoted Biner, as saying.
The TEQ is an established survey and has been used in several research studies and has well-established content validity (DeBourgh, 1999; Biner, 1993).
Flaubert chose the name prudently: "binet is a kind of 'save-all,' but more importantly biner (which is phonetically identical with Binet) means 'to duplicate' (as an intransitive verb--transitively it means 'to dig ground a second time,' 'to hoe'), Monsieur Binet is exactly he who does things twice, the incarnation of the ultimately deadly drive to duplicate.
According to Lambda managing partner Simon Biner, the firm selected Imagine's Derivatives.
In today's highly risk-averse climate," Biner commented, " investors demand that you have a professional-grade risk management tool in place, one that can provide real-time P&L and greeks, user-defined stress testing, 'what-if' scenarios, VaR, Monte Carlo simulations, and much more.
The article, Banai S, Verheye S, Cheung A, Schwartz M, Marko A, Lane R, Jolicoeur EM, Garceau P, Biner S, Tanguay J-F, Edelman ER, White CJ, Trans Apical Mitral Implantation (TAMI) of the Tiara TM Bio-prosthesis: Pre-Clinical Results, JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions (2013), doi: 10.
Biner (2009) analyzed the determinants of both television ratings (for 491 of the 1943 NFL games played in the 1972-1978, 1981, and 1983 seasons) and game day attendance for the 1994-2007 NFL seasons using reduced form parametric and semi parametric regression models.
Tabanin tumuyle basura seklinde agirlik verme esnasinda kal ca eklemine yaklasik 25-30 kg'lik bir yuk biner.
Each of these areas has been evaluated, and suggestions were offered to help expand this innovation to the full benefit of institution, learners, and faculty as a whole (Boverie, Negel, McGee, & Garcia, 1998; Biner, Dean, & Mellinger, 1994; Boulet, Boudreault, & Guerette, 1998; Dillon & Walsh, 1992; Hackman & Walker, 1990).
Marc Jolicoeur, Marc Schwartz, Patrick Garceau, Simon Biner, Jean-Francois Tanguay, Raymond Cartier, Stefan Verheye, Christopher J.
Ancak KAFO kullaniminin hiperlordotik postur olusturmasi sebebiyle, omurgaya asiri bir yuk biner ve sik gorulen spinal deformite riskini daha da arttirir.
An investigation of a telecourse reported that successful students are older and female, have positive attitudes toward the course and instructor, completed higher numbers of college credits, perceived the course to have a difficulty no higher than expected, and have high grade point averages (GPAs) (Bink, Biner, Huffman, Geer, & Dean, 1995).
Prior to ZERO, LeRoy served as chief operating officer at Biner Ellison Packaging Systems Inc.
Biner Beahr, as Investment advisors to the sale of the assets of publicly traded Eurobike AG, which had sales of Euro 277 M in year 2002.