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(computer science) a computer file containing machine-readable information that must be read by an application

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As a consequence, the abstract syntax tree of a program in Slim Binary format is not described through nodes directly, but through a sequence of indices, where each index stands for an entry in the dictionary table.
Previously, the drawback was the need for a separate license from Synopsys to enable vendors to include the VMM library with their tools and the library needed to be distributed in binary format.
0 for the Macintosh platform in a new, universal binary format enabling the software to run natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.
Extended PDF Export for further support and compliance with archiving standards, the FineReader Engine now provides export to PDF/A-2, a format which enables saving to smaller file size that leads to reduced storage space for long term archiving, and PDF/A-3, which enables inclusion of binary format such as XML or MicrosoftA Word.
Initially available in source and binary format for the Intel(R) Atom(TM) processor Z500 series, QNX fast boot technology will be available to third-party hardware and system integrators, and to customers developing custom hardware products.
Most kits include CAST IP in FPGA binary format, a Dual Virtex-4 TAI Logic Module with two FPGAs, and accessory modules that provide IO interfaces for the IP.
With this release, designers can acquire measured data in binary format directly from oscilloscopes, allowing them to save considerable time by performing complex analysis more efficiently on their own desktop computers.
The watch displays time in binary format, a digital coding system that only has two numbers: 1 and 0.
Digital content is audible or visual material stored in a binary format represented by one of the following data classifications:
264 residential set-top box supporting MPEG-4 Part 11 (also known as Binary Format for Scenes) player and an integrated VoIP telephone client portal.
The on-schedule delivery of Milestone 2 makes available to the Celtix community a complete and tested binary format of the core Celtix architecture.
True Compliance" through the blocking of attempts to circumvent an established compliance workflow and storage of messages sequentially in tamper-resistant binary format * Prevention of unauthorized IM and P2P connections * Complete logging, auditing and archiving of IM * Content scanning and keyword matching to prevent disclosure of proprietary information * Anti-virus and anti-spim controls * Authentication of user identities and ability to block high-risk features * Non-stop protection with the latest protocol updates through the FaceTime Instant Response Security Team (FIRST)
Milestone 1 makes available to the Celtix community the first end-to-end running subset of Celtix functionality in a tested binary format.
Single test data used to generate XY plots is transmitted in binary format for faster downloads and efficient data storage.
The example converts a sample application into binary format, transfers the data via the Flash Configuration Interface GUI, and allows the user to execute the program from the STMicroelectronics Flash.