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(computer science) a computer file containing machine-readable information that must be read by an application

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LASeR commands and scene description elements are encoded in a binary format before transmission.
At the transmitter, the chaotic interleaving is applied to the image in its binary format, and hence the image binary data is randomized before the OFDM modulator step.
As a consequence, the abstract syntax tree of a program in Slim Binary format is not described through nodes directly, but through a sequence of indices, where each index stands for an entry in the dictionary table.
The slim binary format offers the necessary target-machine independence for this purpose while simultaneously providing a flexible linking scheme that accommodates minor variations in library interfaces without jeopardizing type-safety when mobile agents call such libraries.
Because the north-south polarity of each installed magnet can point either up or down, the set of magnets can encode information about the roadway in binary format.
Department of Defence, are available on a single CD-ROM in both USGS ASCII format and DOD Binary format.
Veracode is the only solution provider in the Magic Quadrant that offers automated static and dynamic application security testing as a service; and that has delivered the capability to scan executable code in binary format without requiring source code.
Enhancements include a new internal binary format, support for easy integration within SQL, and index management on the JSON Documents using generated columns.
Data is stored in a tamper-resistant binary format that can be used for secure, long-term process records.
Deos is delivered in a modular, executable binary format that streamlines the test and certification process.
64 Bit Support, Vista, Window Xp, 98, And 2000 C Consist Of 48 Pin Driver, D High Speed Usb Port And Parallel Port Included E Have The Ability To Read Exsting Chips, Edit, Clone, Copy F Capability To Read And Write In Various Hex And Binary Format G Automatically Detects Bad Chips, Broken Chips And Insertion Error H In-Put Power 100 To 240 V.
Files may be sent in ASCII or binary format over modems and in ASCII over fax boards.
Previously, the drawback was the need for a separate license from Synopsys to enable vendors to include the VMM library with their tools and the library needed to be distributed in binary format.