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(computer science) a computer file containing machine-readable information that must be read by an application

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The Add File Comment command is supported for binary files
When run, the tool extracts seven key attributes from every analysed binary file and compares them to data obtained by running the J48, J48 Graft, PART, and Ridor machine-learning algorithms on a set of 100,000 malicious programs and 16,000 clean ones, Raman said.
To share binary files with colleagues, you must provide them with an application that interprets your file correctly.
Binary files have always been difficult to edit, usually involving scanning through an endless number of bytes using a hex editor.
In my experience, some BBs don't allow binary files to be uploaded and you'll only find out when you try it - and get hundreds of flamers from those who hate people posting binaries to non-binary groups.
The software searches for words or phrases in plain text files, binary files and in files archived inside zip files.
For transferring email over networks that use TP, the SMTP and MIME have emerged as complementary standards, and MIME for "rich" message content such as formatted text, voice, and binary files.
I figured that the problem of sending eight-bit binary files had been solved by the nice people who ran the Internet, and our attached files were magically transported to their intended destination, somehow piggy-backed on the text of our e-mails.
Beyond the Web, the course teaches the use of Archie and anonymous ftp to find and download useful text and binary files, gopher search tools such as Veronica and Jughead to pinpoint industry-specific information, mailing lists and newsgroups to locate others with common interests, various directory services to find specific e-mail addresses, and telnet and commercial databases to access relevant research data.
It was free of charge for anyone who knew how to access the server on which the binary files for it were stored.
TrendWorX+ logs data to binary files or ODBC-compliant database files.
We are currently updating our software to test signature and encryption of large binary files, such as image files.
Getting binary files by mail involves converting them to 7-bit ASCII flies for transmission.
Classification Engine and Content Intelligence Module: An intuitive taxonomy building system now lets clients classify all content types, including HTML, images, pdfs, and all other binary files included in a site.
0 running on unlocked Xperia devices, so we're working to provide updated versions of the necessary binary files as soon as we can," blog post from Sony Mobile directly to the (http://developer.