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(computer science) a computer file containing machine-readable information that must be read by an application

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org technologies include the IPDR/Streaming Protocol (IPDR/SP) transport, the IPDR binary encoding, along with open source code of reference implementations and development tools for integration of the technology into vendor solutions.
The rendering of the tree representation into a sequence of symbols, and the binary encoding of those symbols is shown in Figure 9(c).
definition of the concepts of binary encoding, bit rate, bandwidth and bit error rate
248 offers several key enhancements including support for multimedia and conferencing calls, improved semantic message processing, text and binary encoding, TCP and UDP transport options and a formalized extension process.
248 for controlling IP media sessions, carriers are now requesting MEGACO-powered solutions for virtually every operating system, based on either text or binary encoding.
The addition of a compressed binary encoding for X3D will enable a unique combination of fast, secure communication of 3D data for a wide variety of visualization and web-service applications -- while using an open ISO standard.
NRZ binary encoding on both devices ensures backward-compatibility with lower-speed SerDes transceivers.