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(computer science) a computer file containing machine-readable information that must be read by an application

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These include new features such as Client Side Caching, Binary XML for faster application performance, XML processing, and the storing and retrieving of files.
BEA Systems is pleased to see the availability of the leading binary XML technology [Efficient XML] for WebLogic Server web services.
Attunity's Innovative STREAM Solution, Based on Its Binary XML Technology, Delivers 500% Increase in Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Efficiency Allowing ETL Environments to `Breathe Easier'
x and Axis2 Web Services Integration Kits for Efficient XML, the basis for the emerging web standard for binary XML.
the award-winning acceleration company, announced today the immediate availability of five XML RAX 4 performance benchmarks documenting the extreme acceleration obtained for XML Schema validation, XML Content-Based routing, XML Publish-Subscribe, Federated Identity Management/SAML, and Binary XML.
NDS Group plc (NASDAQ/Euronext Brussels:NNDS), a News Corporation company and a leading provider of technology solutions for digital pay TV, today announced that it has licensed EXPWAY's Binary XML solution, BinXML(TM), as part of its ongoing commitment to provide state of the art technology solutions to operators and broadcasters.
the leading provider of software for lightning-fast delivery of more content to more locations, today announced that the company's Efficient XML(TM) format was selected by the World Wide Web Consortium as the basis for the global binary XML standard.
Efficient XML is a codec that, unlike data compression, encodes and decodes XML using a lightning-fast binary XML format that results in documents that are frequently over 100 times smaller and transmits over 100 times faster than XML.