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a positional system of numeration that uses binary digits and a radix of two

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amp;nbsp;However, this would require both neutron stars to be at least twice the sun's mass, making a binary system whose kind has never been observed before.
They had witnessed a classical nova--the outburst of a white dwarf in a close binary system that has collected too much hydrogen from its companion star.
Astronomers made this important discovery by observing a very dim binary system dubbed J1433, which is situated about 730 light-years from our solar system.
An analysis of new optical STIS observations from Hubble will also allow them to search for close binary systems in R136.
Every now and then, these sorts of binary systems may explode as supernovae, so studying Gaia14aae helps us understand the brightest explosions in the Universe," said Dr.
URL=Binary) that takes into account various properties of a binary system including inclination, stellar size, mass ratio, star shape, star temperature and limb darkening, the nature of the CQ Cep system can be investigated by comparing the observed lightcurve with synthetic lightcurves predicted by the model.
A sub-class of binary systems are X-ray binaries, the systems in which a compact object (a white dwarf, neutron star or a black hole formed after collapse of an ordinary star) and a stellar companion, orbit each other at a distance small enough to enable mass transfer from the companion star to the compact object.
Kam-Ching is recognized as an authority in contact binary systems, and known especially for his discovery of multiple early-type contact systems; he initiated the conferences series.
It is not yet clear, for example, why dusty disks are so common in close binary systems.
New in this edition is a chapter covering phase diagrams for binary systems in pressure-temperature-composition space.
Algol-type eclipsing binary systems are typically double star systems which generate a highly distinguishable light curve every 2.
In the Porcelain and Pottery Section of the NBS, a project for the determination of the phase-equilibrium relations of binary systems containing [UO.
She searches for an intellectual ground for breaking out of the limits of the binary systems that obtained in this period, such as the Pythagorean contrarities, of which gender differentiation was a constituitive force.
Equations 1 through 4 also applies to binary systems: In a binary system
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