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a positional system of numeration that uses binary digits and a radix of two

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To see the effects of the ternary additions we assume that these interaction parameters in Table 4 represent binary systems.
But the mass-transfer process in mammoth binary systems isn't always efficient.
URL=Binary) that takes into account various properties of a binary system including inclination, stellar size, mass ratio, star shape, star temperature and limb darkening, the nature of the CQ Cep system can be investigated by comparing the observed lightcurve with synthetic lightcurves predicted by the model.
Pink Sheets: EWDC) announced today that it has released its Apollo Binary System Management Program(R).
The liquid-phase mole fraction and boiling temperature measurements at different pressures are reported in Table 2 for the binary systems hexan-2one + o-xylene and hexan-2-one + nonane, and in Table 3 for the ternary system.
A number of challenging problems still remain within the "classical" areas of nucleation, reactive- and inter-diffusion, phase growth in multicomponent and binary systems, and decomposition and ripening.
If this same feeding process occurs in other multiple-star systems, these observations may explain the frequency with which planets have been and continue to be discovered in binary systems.
An additional $1 million investment through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act developed an innovative technology to generate electricity from low-temperature geothermal resources at an estimated 20% cost savings over conventional binary systems.
In our galaxy alone more than 80 of them are known in binary systems together with neutron stars.
Along with two very useful review articles general topics include inventories of massive stars in interactive binaries, basic properties of massive single and binary stars, interacting winds (including high energy/non thermal radio, ultraviolet, optical, infrared, models, and special objects with strong winds), evolution of massive binaries (including orbit and spin evaluation, Roche-Lobe overflow, common-envelope evolution, Wolf-Rayet binaries, and x-ray binaries), endpoints of massive binary systems, and massive binaries in galaxies and dense clusters.
There appears to be no bias against having planetary system formation in binary systems," says David Trilling of the University of Arizona, Tucson, lead author of a paper about this research.
He uses everyday examples and common sense to explain absolute value to antiparticles to associative property to binary systems and on to common denominators, division, fractions, graphing, irrational numbers, number lines, parallelograms, sampling, and variables.
if fully confirmed, open new avenues in the issue of planet formation in binary systems.
Nasdaq: CDAT) today announced the acquisition of Binary Systems Ltd.
Geothermal heat is a huge potential energy resource, the paper concludes, and says: "It has been estimated that the total power that can be harnessed using turbines (steam greater than 150 degrees C) is about 1,300 GWe (Gigawatts-electric) and that lower temperature geothermal resources may provide about twice that using binary systems.
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