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Automatic bin size selection means that bins of mixed sizes can be loaded into the machine in any order, which eliminates the need for tedious and time wasting bin sorting.
Thanks to the Kompressor and a larger bin size, LG's upright vacuum cleaner compresses dirt to hold more, so that consumers can empty less.
SecureSource's modular configuration allows carousels and lockers to be intermixed to offer the widest range of secure, single-item dispensing bin size options available today.
On-site document destruction pricing will be on a per-bin basis, by bin size, multiplied by the service frequency per month, as established by the individual customer requirements.
Vend Mart boasts specific features such as a new single high capacity beverage tray, increased delivery bin size for product variety and easy product removal and is "technology ready" to easily accept any number of AVT's specialty technologies to aid in additional revenue generation and increased vending efficiency.
The reconfigured bin size complements United's nationwide carry-on baggage initiative aimed at reducing delays and improving cabin safety.
There was also concern at restrictions on bin size, bans on putting out black bags next to bins and the number of containers needed to separate recycling from rubbish.
Bin size tax: households are charged for the size of their bins, with families needing larger bins having to pay the most.
Residents can change bin size after a set period of time - although doing this too frequently would result in unreasonable costs.
The layout can be custom-designed for many variations in bin size and design.
Lib Dem leader Judith Woodman said: "If this potential fine is now to be waived, perhaps Cardiff council will rethink their plans to alter bin collections and spend a huge amount of money altering wheelie bin size.
As a result bin size is being reduced from 240 litres to 140 litres in a bid to encourage recycling.