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(computer science) a computer file containing machine-readable information that must be read by an application

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Once we got the new bin file created, it was easy to just push it out to the customers.
The Hard Drive Cleaner removes all temporary files, search history, recycle bin files and other file clutter from the PC, while the Browser Cleaner purges browser-related files, including browser cache, URL history, cookies and page cache.
5 release includes a new and unique After Effects plug-in that allows 844/X project and bin files to be imported directly into After Effects without needing to be exported first from 844/X, saving significant time in the process.
CleanSweep's Fast & Safe Cleanup feature provides one-button and scheduled cleanups of several safe file types such as Recycle Bin files, temporary files and Internet cache files.
CleanSweep's unique Fast & Safe Cleanup provides one-button and scheduled cleanups of several `safe' file types such as Internet cache files, Recycle Bin files and temporary files.