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Small-time Teesside crooks are earning thousands of pounds by stealing discarded bank details from bin bags, it was claimed today.
I saw them poking about a black bin bag, when they suddenly took off screaming in a hurry, which I thought was a bit strange.
A councillor is claiming a lack of black bin bags is encouraging fly-tipping.
The double murder inquiry began after a tramp foraging for food found body parts of both victims in bin bags close to Hardy's ground-floor council flat in Royal College Street, Camden, north London on Monday.
His single bin bag is full of plastic film packaging which he has crammed tightly into plastic bottles to compress it down.
Leading children's welfare charities are calling on all Welsh councils to sign a charter outlawing the use of bin bags and to make sure funds are available to buy suitcases.
She was found with a black bin bag over her face by her mother who had left her for a few minutes while she unpacked after moving to the rented property 10 days earlier.
At the moment we just about manage to carry the recycling bins to the pavement and with the aid of the walking sticks I can carry the black bin bag to the pavement each week.
The remaining households will receive a static green dustbin and a green bin bag collection service.
A MOTHER whose eight-month-old baby died after being left alone near a plastic bin bag has told of the moment she found her.
HOW do you describe Floyer's work when one piece looks like a bin bag and another a bucket?
FORT LUPTON, Colorado: A 4ft 11in woman tried to rob a bank while wearing a black bin bag over her head, with holes cut out for her arms and eyes.
Some people I see don't wrap some things up first before putting it in the bin bag and also have it out on the wrong day.
Waterloo residents association chairman Ian Hamilton-Fazey said many terraced households preferred bin bag collections because wheelie bins could be vandalised.