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But this dress made up entirely of plastic bin bags proved a big hit when Courtney Roberts, from Wavertree, wore it at a catwalk parade.
Susan Le Poidevin has been prosecuted after her mother put out a |black bin bag instead of the designated clear sacks for commercial waste
RESIDENTS are being urged to cover their bin bags with blankets to stop seagulls ripping them open and making a mess.
I've thought about taking a number of bin bags and leaving them at various points to pick up by car later but knowing my luck I'd then be seen and reported for fly tipping
I don't want them to be thinking it's the juvenile prank of somebody who of space: bin bag owns Justice League International issue 17.
Counterfeit gangs are selling knock-off bin bags after a council started charging firms more than PS50 a roll for the real thing.
When the van didn't stop they chased it along the motorway and spotted the bin bag being thrown out near Corley Services.
There was reportedly also a concrete slab in the bin bag.
I enjoyed making bin bag clothes and doing the fashion parade.
RSPCA picture of the three-month-old kitten that was dumped in a plastic bin bag next to a communal bin at Coram Street, Holborn
I suppose the moral is, never wear a bin bag down the red carpet and keep PVC to the privacy of your bedroom.
A pathologist was unable to find the cause of death of a baby found in a brook wrapped in a bin bag near his home, Birmingham Crown Court was told yesterday.
HAVING collected a bin bag of rubbish from Appleyards in Golcar yesterday morning I would like to send a message to the parents of the teenagers who regularly camp there.
As these CCTV images show, Khan grabs a bin bag and begins to fill it with cigarettes.
Obviously, and I don't like to say "I told you so", the council's switch-over to fortnightly black bin bag collections combined with an "easy to understand", colour coded re-cycling collection system had not, er, exactly gone to plan.