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the largest city in Alabama

a city in central England


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Glenn was helped in the task by club supporter John Jordan and the team shelters were used for the first time in the recent Bimringham Senior Cup derby against Nuneaton Town.
But it still might not be enough to match the kind of wages on offer down south from the likes of Middlesbrough and Bimringham City.
Two thousand workers walked out of a Bimringham car components factory after a foreman swore at a worker who turned up late.
POLICE are appealing for witnesses after a man suffered serious head injuries in an "unprovoked" attack at a Bimringham bus stop.
It is a matter of pride for me as a Brummie born and bred that the people of Bimringham have never given credence to the extremism of race hatred upon which the BNP is founded.
OTHER AREAS Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Bimringham University: Matthew Boulton and the Art Of Making Money, until May 16.