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area around the altar of a church for the clergy and choir

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The first restoration project he did at the synagogue was of its bimah -- the raised platform in the sanctuary where the Torah is read.
Quriyat, June 23 (ONA) A campaign will begin in the Wilayat of Quriyat tomorrow (Thursday) to clean up the beaches and the Omani environment in villages of Daghmar, Dhabab, Bimah and Fins under the supervision of the Environment and Climate Affairs Ministry.
His eight-year-old son was often called upon to mount the bimah at shabbat prayer in the synagogue to deliver the scholarly sermon, the d'var Torah when his father was indisposed.
Traditionally, the most visible distinction between Sephardic and Ashkenazic worship spaces manifests itself in the placement of the bimah (figure 6).
The wooden canopied bimah was not in the middle of the shul, but--in Sephardic fashion--just to the right of the entrance doorway.
The bimah and the WBG have agreed to commission external technical evaluators in conjunction with the inventory and a thorough review of the technical aspects of building and other facilities as well as the costing (TDD).
And that's not just a civic responsibility, it's a spiritual one: Sex education belongs in religious school classrooms--and on the bimah.
GRANADA HILLS -- She had her sights set on the musical theater stage but her Jewish soul led her away from Broadway to a religious stage, the bimah at Temple Beth Torah.
In this widely-repeated version, a man told Heschel that a woman belongs on the bimah as much as does an orange on the seder plate; Orange on the Seder Plate, at http://www.
Women being called up to the bimah to chant from the Torah scroll seems to most of us totally revolutionary, when in fact it was a standard practice in ancient times (Talmud Bav'li, Megilah 23a).
The rabbi came to the lectern on the bimah and announced the fateful news to all the congregants.
It was, like, mayhem as I looked out from the bimah into the audience.
Any theater historian reading Weissbach's essay would immediately be struck by the parallelism between the reconfigurations of the bimah and the modern stage.
Time and action planning in the contaminated sites program the bimah, operational project management and support at the regional level to implement the Altlastenerkundungs- and remediation measures.