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a short stout club used primarily by policemen

male goat

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We arrived later in the day and were ravenous, so decided to opt for the chilli beef nachos (PS8) to share as a starter and then - because we were undecided - the Billycan burger (PS10.
Human terms are generally used, except for Billycan and Killdeer, who are described as loathsomely ratlike.
If I decide I want to camp out in my village I won't have filled my billycan before I'm told to scarper.
The scheme is run through a local representative, Billycan Recycling, based in Cargill Close, Longford, which picks up and processes the cans on behalf of Alu Can.
Morris (below) won Ireland's richest jump race as a jockey on Billycan 24 years ago but he has found it a far harder nut to crack as a trainer.
Americans might look at the little bridge over the Billycan Burn at St Andrews as a quaint bit of history.
One was called Tarzan who used to tell the kids stories and apparently the mums and dads used to fill his billycan with tea.
The latter looked set for victory but fiddled the last, while Tied Cottage put in a spectacular leap and retained his narrow advantage to the line, going one better than when second to Billycan in 1977.
The Everardsgrange trainer won Ireland's richest jump race, sponsored by Powers Gold Label, as a jockey on Billycan 24 years ago but he has found it a far more difficult nut to crack as a trainer.
It was as a rider in 1977 that Morris, son of the late Lord Killanin, teamed up with the novice Billycan to capture the Easter Monday spectacle for Adrian Maxwell.
Mouse Morris rode Billycan to win in 1977 and, although he has not yet been successful as a trainer, he was second with Cahervillahow in 1991 and with Foxchapel King last year.
BACK TO THE FLOOR: In an effort to find out why so many squaddies are returning to Civvy Street, Falklands hero Lieutenant General Sir Hew Pike gives up his pips to get mud on his boots and corned beef in his billycan as the most junior officer in the Army.
Billycan Camping, Arundel Situated in 650 acres of farmland, Billycan Camping is an idyllic camping escape.
Morris was winning the race for the first time as a trainer, but partnered Billycan to victory in the event back in 1977.
O'Ryan, who later picked up a wealth of experience with Jim Bolger and Mick O'Toole, has fond memories of Maxwell's superb year in 1977, which featured victories for Meladon in the Triumph Hurdle, Billycan in the Irish Grand National and Orchestration in the Coronation Stakes.