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Synonyms for Wright

United States writer of detective novels (1888-1939)

United States writer whose work is concerned with the oppression of African Americans (1908-1960)

United States aviation pioneer who (with his brother Orville Wright) invented the airplane (1867-1912)

United States aviation pioneer who (with his brother Wilbur Wright) invented the airplane (1871-1948)

influential United States architect (1869-1959)

United States early feminist (born in Scotland) (1795-1852)

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An England cap awarded to Wolverhampton Wanderers and England football legend Billy Wright and a programme from Wolves' 1908 FA Cup victory over Newcastle are among the lots at Bonhams auction of Football Memorabilia.
BBC Midlands Today has been asking people to vote for their Greatest Midlander and at the moment the voting is very close between footballer Billy Wright and Stratford's Shakespeare.
Lancaster 3, Indio 2: Billy Wright scored two goals, including the game-winner in overtime off an assist from Eddie Null, as the visiting Eagles (18-5-2) advanced to the Division II quarterfinals.
It's the third murder in Northern Ireland since Loyalist Volunteer Force chief Billy Wright was gunned down in the Maze Prison just after Christmas.
The notorious Billy Wright was identified in intelligence material provided by an informant on May 23, 1994 -15 days after Dungannon woman Roseann Mallon was shot dead while watching television, it was claimed.
His dive for safety produced an involuntary release of the shutter to record this picture as Billy Wright of Wolves, standing behind the goalkeeper, looks on.
Redtrack, made up of singer and guitarist Billy Wright, bass player Phil Blake, and drummer Andy Perry, were mentored by Hollie-Jay Bowes, who plays Michaela McQueen.
WHITLEY Bay football legend Billy Wright has died at the age of 67.
It has agreed to pay 'reasonable' costs to cover legal assistance for witnesses and the families of lawyer Rosemary Nelson, loyalist paramilitary chief Billy Wright and Catholic Robert Hamill who have alleged security force collusion in the deaths.
Judge Cory has recommended public inquiries into the murders of solicitors Finucane and Rosemary Nelson as well as Portadown man Robert Hamill and LVF leader Billy Wright.
A close associate of Billy Wright, leader of the Loyalist Volunteer Force who was shot dead by republicans inside the Maze Prison in December, 1997, Fulton was found dead at Maghaberry Prison, near Lisburn, Co Antrim.
But while the Baggies exist he will always be the 'King' just as Billy Wright was the biggest hero at Wolves.
THE father of murdered Loyalist terrorist Billy Wright yesterday claimed his killing was organised by the British government.
Billy Wright made the decision to become a responsible parent - the mother, Shannon Steed, is a former Lancaster High student now attending Antelope Valley College part-time - and that his obligations would not tax his academic, career and soccer goals.
Loyalist hardman Billy Wright died in a cold-blooded prison execution which could sound the death knell for the fragile Ulster peace process.