Billy Sunday

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United States evangelist (1862-1935)

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Yet by 1918, the Billy Sunday revival had to accommodate a new order of female engagement with public culture.
Confronting the terrible contradiction to such values in real life--in the random slaughter of World War I and the hypocrisy of Billy Sunday, or, more abstractly, the implicit assumptions of readers about revolution, Reed constantly invokes an ironic mode in his narrative.
Charles Kingsley in Great Britain and the American Billy Sunday preached a Christianity that was supposed to replace the sentimental and emotional aspects of Christian devotion with masculine and muscular values.
Chicago has been called the "city of the big shoulders," "hog butcher for the world, tool maker," "stacker of wheat," and that "toddlin' town even Billy Sunday couldn't shut down.
Pierson, Charles Fuller, Billy Sunday, Billy Graham, Machen and McIntire, Clyde Taylor, Harold Ockenga, Henrietta Mears, Carl Henry, Leighton Ford, Bill Bright, Jerry Falwell, and Pat Robertson.
With Robert De Niro as his prejudiced superior officer, Billy Sunday, Brashear overcomes seemingly impossible obstacles to realise his dreams.
Billy Sunday - Jews, Catholics and racial minorities.
The film follows Brashear from his humble beginnings in 1940s Kentucky to life in the US Navy, and run-ins with prejudiced superior officer Master Chief Billy Sunday (De Niro).
Taunted, and challenged by trainer Billy Sunday (Robert De Niror), he suffers a crippling injury, but unexpectedly joins forces with Sunday to battle the Navy's bureaucracy.
But training officer Billy Sunday (Robert De Niro) has other ideas.
Robert De Niro is so far over the top as gung-ho US Navy diver Billy Sunday, he's like Barnacle Bill on rocket fuel.
When he actually manages to get into diving school, he immediately finds himself up against instructor Billy Sunday (Robert De Niro), a former master diver no longer able to dive because of an injured lung.
Not least de Niro who, as fictional composite maverick instructor Billy Sunday transforms from bitter white trash dirt farm bigot to soulmate and mentor during the course of the film.
De Niro plays Brashear's training officer, the fictional Master Chief Navy Diver Billy Sunday, who is described as "a composite of various Navy men Carl Brashear met during his career".
Baseball, of course, was the first to get into-the act, thanks to Billy Sunday, the Billy Graham of the early 20th century, though Sunday was talented enough to play several seasons in the major leagues.